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'59 Classmates who retired from the Service

The following tables generate all known classmates, living or deceased, graduate or non-grad: Table 1: by Service; Table2: by retired Active or retired Reserve Officer; Table 3: by last military Rank; Table 4: All Military Retired '59ers. Table 5: Military Retired '59ers by Company.  Simply click selection desired (e.g., CDR/LtCOL)

Table 3: Select by Rank
as of Friday, September 17, 2021
Other Total : 9
First & Middle & LAST
LT USN (Ret.)Edward Washington CATHERL22304
LT USN (Ret.) ?Warren Gordon Francis Xavier HAMMONDL12325
LT USNR (Ret.)Vance Fleetwood WARRENDNGUnk333
UNKPatrick Joseph BARRYL15224
UNKJohn Thomas BONDUSAF9211
UNKDonald Alexander CHASEL7175
UNKWilliam Christian GABRIELSENL17214
UNKPatrick Thomas GREENL16215
CEC= Navy Civil Engineer Corps; CHC= Navy Chaplain Corps; DNG= Non-grad with 59 class; L= Navy Line; MC= Navy Medical Corps; SC= Navy Supply Corps; USA= Army; USAF= Air Force; USMC= Marine Corps; USPHS= Public Health Service; LB#= '59 Lucky Bag page
Total classmates selected: 9
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Table 1: Select by Service
Table 2: Retired Active or Retired Reserve Officer
Table 4: All Military Retired '59ers

Table 5: Retired Military Retired '59ers by Company