'59 11th Company

USNA Class of 1959 Classmates 11th Company
sorted by living Grad; deceased Grad; assumed living Non-Grad; known deceased Non-Grad )
Company Rep: Walt WYNN   Alternate Rep: Fred Touchstone
First MI (nick) LAST
After Reunion (10/2018)
Spouse (SO)  Widower 
Widow  Both Deceased
City & State
Last Known Residence
Living or DOD
Allen  P. (Al)  BOOTHE  Shirley Santa Maria, CA Living
Lee  M.  CUTLER  Mary Jackson, WY Living
William  B. (Bill)  DRAKE  Florence (Flo) Readfield, ME Living
Milton  R. (Pete)  GORHAM  Jan Raleigh, NC Living
Richard  K. (Griff)  GRIFFITH  Sally Honolulu, HI Living
Granville  J. (Hoppy)  HOPKINS  Doris (Dottie) Albuquerque, NM Living
Charles  A. (Houg)  HOUGLAND  Lucinda Winchester, KY Living
Patrick  D. (Pat)  JOYNT  Unni , Living
David  H.  LaCAGNINA  Jane Webb Highlands, NC Living
James  C. (Jim)  LANGEMO  Geraldine (Gerry) Detroit Lakes, MN Living
Mitchell  L. (Mitch)  LATHROP  Lynn San Diego, CA Living
Adolf  O. (Dolf)  LEKEBUSCH  Anne (Boots) Ellicott City, MD Living
Thomas  A. (Tom)  LONG  Mary Lou Bremerton, WA Living
Henry  H. (Hank)  MAUZ  Margaret (Peggy) Pebble Beach, CA Living
Jerry  P.  McDANIEL  Arlene Benicia, CA Living
John  F.  NEISH  Jennifer APO, AP Living
Telmo  W.  ORTEGA  Nella (deceased)Hallandale, FLLiving
Frank  B.  PIPKIN  Joan (deceased)Annapolis, MDLiving
Samuel  W. (Sam)  SIGMUND  Nann Pebble Beach, CA Living
David  M. (Dave)  SUTHERLAND  Betty (deceased)Cary, NCLiving
Frederick  F. (Fred)  TOUCHSTONE  Kirsten Alexandria, VA Living
Ronald  C. (Ron)  TROSSBACH  Kathleen (Kathy) Sterling, VA Living
Robert  L. (Bob)  VOGT  Marilynn Middletown, NJ Living
Howard  A. (Hod)  WELLS  Margaret (Peg) Wilsonville, OR Living
Walter  P. (Walt)  WYNN  Carol Gainesville, FL Living
Carl  D.  CORSE  Estelle (Sugie), 2003-07-13
Carl  N.  DANITSCHEK   Geraldine Waynesville, NC2020-03-29
Robert  E. (Monk)  DAVISON  Rebecca Lorenz Manitou Springs, CO2016-09-17
William  M. (Bill)  HONSA  Somchoen Taweewattana Bangkok, TH2015-08-15
Ray  E.  LaVAN   Janet (Jan)Fredericksburg, VA2020-05-12
Peter  T. (Pete)  McCALL   Eugenia (Jean) (deceased)Gainesville, FL2021-04-22
Francis  M. (Frank)  MEREDITH  Ann Middletown, RI2007-02-14
William  T. (Bill)  POSEY  Virginia (Ginny)Goldsboro, NC2014-05-02
John  J. (Jack)  SHIRREFFS  Waverly (Sugar)West Palm Beach, FL2016-02-21
Gibson  P. (Gibby)  SMITH  Merlene Port Orchard, WA1994-02-09
Raymond  B. (Buddy)  WELLBORN   Gladys (deceased)Dickinson, TX2018-10-23
Ronald  W.  AMBLER ☆   , Living
Charles  A.  BOWES ☆   , Living
Arthur  H.  BUTLER, III ★   Loudon, TNLiving
Clarence  C.  CHANCE, Jr. ☆   Decatur, GALiving
Michael  P.  DABULEWICZ ☆   Cherry Hill, NJLiving
Thomas  C.  JOHNSON ☆   , Living
Robert  C.  QUINN ☆   , Living
Harold  B.  SCOGGINS, Jr. ☆   , Living
Lee  A.  SWABY ☆   , Living
Lee  K.  ROBINSON ☆   Clara Pennsburg, PA2021-11-04
11th Company Graduate Classmates Living:  25   Deceased:  11    Total Grads: 36    Percent Graduate Living: 69%   
11th Company All Classmates Living (Grad | non-grad):   (25  |  9)    Deceased (Grad | Non-grad):   (11   |  1)   
Totals (Living | Deceased | All Classmates for 11th Company ):   (34  |  12  |  46)
☆1959 Non-Graduate Classmate   ★1959 Non-Graduate turned back or readmitted to subsequent class  
★★★Non-Graduate separated prior to Company assignments   ★★Continue to research for exact Company   ★★☆Non-Graduate turned back or readmitted to subsequent class and Contine research for exact Company   ☆Unknown Company-unlikely to resolve.
Classmates living: 646 -- Deceased: 499 -- Total: 1145
(All graduates and non-graduates)

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