1959 Shipmate Submission Procedure

This short Shipmate Submission Procedure is drafted from USNA's several pages discussing how to write and submit a Shipmate article. This procedure is to encourage submission of articles by Class of 1959 to enhance communication.  Key items for 59ers are: 1) Ed Hill (24th) ( ) is the Shipmate goto classmate for article review and submission to the USNA Shipmate staff and, 2) the 1959 Classmate, spouse or family member needs to draft the article and, where appropriate, prepare photos and then email to Ed Hill.

The Class of 1959 is encouraged to submit articles for Shipmate which when reviewed and approved will be placed under the 1959 Class News. Currently, there are several submissions for each Shipmate usually from a small core of classmates. We welcome and encourage new submitters!

1- Shipmate Coordinator for Class of 1959

• Contact: Ed Hill (24th Company)  email:
• can answer questions on article preparation
• can discuss and review photo specifications
• can discuss timeframe for publication
• will coordinate with USNA Shipmate staff for publication

2- Shipmate Article Guidelines

• Length: 1,500 words maximum
• Photographs/Artwork: Photos must be accompanied by a photo credit with caption as well as contact information of any individuals appearing in the photograph for publication purposes. Color or black & white photos are acceptable in high-resolution formats (at least 300 dpi at 3 x 5”). Articles must be complete and original works submitted electronically via email to the 1959 Shipmate Coordinator [ ]
• Articles may not include politics, obscenities or religion and will be edited and published at the discretion of the publisher
Shipmate deadlines for Class and Chapter Secretaries is maintained at:

3-Submission dates for 2023

2023 Shipmate deadlines and issue months are as follows (greyed are past date of submission and red is the deadline for the July-August 2023 Shipmate).
Jan-Feb 23 22 Nov '22
Mar-Apr 23 23 Jan ’23
May 23 21 Feb ’23
Jun ’23 27 Mar ’23
July-Aug ’23 25 May ’23
Sep ’23 26 Jun ’23
Oct ’23 24 July ’23
Nov-Dec ’23 25 Sep ’23

4- Submission references at

• Full Submission Guidelines to include submission points above. Note the article directs the reader to USNA Shipmate email address. Use Ed Hill in lieu of the article email.  
Shipmate Deadlines for Class Secretaries and Shipmate Coordinator (Ed Hill)
Shipmate Magazine describes this alumni reference with over 80 years online
Finally as noted, Ed Hill ( ) is responsible for the final preparation of the Class column for Shipmate Class News and is dependent on draft articles from classmates or spouses. You are strongly urged to draft an article per guidelines above and submit to Ed.  The Class is always looking to share our experiences!  Recent articles from 59ers varied in content from trips, classmate gatherings, Academy stories to Taps for 59ers.

Please email the Data Administrator, Pete Stout, if you have any questions or corrections.