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  • Interim vs Planned '59 Website
    This page compares features from the Interim Site (the one you are using now!) and the planned '59 website. The latter is planned for development in 2020 (we can only hope!).
    Interim website vs Planned website (features and content)
    Comparison (features | content) Interim Website Planned Website
    Current USNA '59 Interim website
    55th Reunion Attendees Yes Yes - shown as historical (along with 50th Reunion)
    55th Reunion Committee Yes Yes - shown as historical
    59th Reunion Committee Yes Yes
    Class Directory Yes Yes; Class Directory with DOD's
    Company Bingo Board Yes Yes; perhaps more fields
    Committees (Company Reps; Executive Cmte; 55th Reunion Cmte; 59th Reunion Cmte) Yes Yes
    Company Reps; Executive Cmte; reunion Committes; 65th Cmte
    Demographic Information Yes; limited Yes; use for for 65th Reunion (if held)
    Memorial Information; include spouses where knwn Yes; limited Maybe
    CM photo/USNA; Obitrary
    (similiar to Class of '60)
    USNA '59 website - Planned Site
    BLOG (web-log) or Forum No Maybe - allow for direct input from a CM to all registered classmates; BLOGs are pushdown stacks (latest date on top)
    Calendar No Yes- via CMS updating for memorial / internments - freq ~ monthly
    Class Statistics** Some Yes - ongoing CM/Widow status; demographics
    Content Management System (CMS) No Yes - needed for selected others to update database
    Dave's Information (e.g., USNA historical photos - added 4/2020) Yes Complete; pending Pete's review
    Full Contact Information (on Stout LAN implementation)No Yes - name; snail mails (plus: alt-snow bird); phone numbers; email addresses; spouses / widows
    login/pswd protected
    Shipmate Class Submissions No Yes -- if digitial versions are available
    (similiar to Class of '48)
    Website Registration page No Maybe - one time setup for Classmates / Widows for allow access to all Classmate information
    Login page No Maybe - to login into the Secure Side of the website (alternative is security to Directory pdf only)
    Company Dropdown lists ** No Yes
    Classmates by Company** No Yes
    Classmates by State** No Yes
    Search for Classmates** (partial name) No Yes
    Classmates appointed by state** No Yes
    Classmates YearBook reference** No Yes
    Search for Classmates by first letter of lastname** No Yes
    Website Security No Yes
    USNA '59 website - Planned Site - for Reunion Committees only
    Registered Classmates as of (date) - limited means not Real Time Yes, limitied Yes
    Type registration - limited means not Real Time Yes, limited Yes -On-line, mail-in, walk-in
    Counts to date... - limited means not Real Time Yes; liited Yes - numerous pages and reports for tracking the 59th Reunion for Class of '59
    Reunion Tracking pages** (popup). No Yes - list of some webpages used during 55th & 59th reunon
    ** Developed as part of 55th Reunion Preparation; modified and used in 59th Reunion
    Major development: Content Management System (CMS)
    Major development: Website Security (e.g., login validation; management of access rights for different users across varying web pages)

    Please email the current Data Administrator, Pete Stout, if you have any questions or corrections.