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'59 Classmates who retired from the Service

The following tables generate all known classmates, living or deceased, graduate or non-grad: Table 1: by Service; Table2: by retired Active or retired Reserve Officer; Table 3: by last military Rank; Table 4: All Military Retired '59ers. Table 5: Military Retired '59ers by Company.  Simply click selection desired (e.g., CDR/LtCOL)

Table 3: Select by Rank
as of Tuesday, July 14, 2020
First & Middle & LAST
ADM USN (Ret.)Robert Joseph KellyL4216
ADM USN (Ret.)Henry Herrward MAUZL11111
BrigGen USAF (Ret.)Donald Curtis SMITHUSAF13257
BrigGen USAF (Ret.)Charles Anthony VICKERYUSAF582
LtGen USAF (Ret.)Donald Lee CROMERUSAF18312
MajGen USAF (Ret.)Cecil William POWELLUSAF15297
MajGen USMC (Ret.)William Parsons ESHELMANMC14168
MajGen USMC (Ret.)Jeremiah Williams PEARSONDNG13333
MajGen USMC (Ret.)John Anthony STUDDSDNG3333
RADM SC, USN (Ret.)William Egbert POWELLSC20146
RADM SC, USNR (Ret.)Jay Ronald DENNEYSC19266
RADM USN (Ret.)Edward Bigelow BAKERL8182
RADM USN (Ret.)Guy Haldane CURTISL9265
RADM USN (Ret.)William Purcell HOULEYL21230
RADM USN (Ret.)Ronald Hans JESBERGL12231
RADM USN (Ret.)William Rankin McGOWENL1275
RADM USN (Ret.)Richard David MILLIGANL6217
RADM USN (Ret.)Daniel Charles RICHARDSONL5112
RADM USN (Ret.)Wayne Elwin RICKMANL12199
RADM USN (Ret.)David Neil ROGERSL13326
RADM USN (Ret.)George Henry STROHSAHLL24116
RADM USN (Ret.)Larry Gene VOGTL6108
RADM USN (Ret.)Gary Francis WHEATLEYL3253
RADM USNR (Ret.)Larry Bruce FRANKLINL13157
RDML CEC, USN (Ret.)Jon Robert IVESCEC8231
VADM USN (Ret.)Roger Francis BACONL790
VADM USN (Ret.)Francis Raymond DONOVANL13176
VADM USN (Ret.)Robert Kalani Uichi KIHUNEL1328
VADM USN (Ret.)James Guy REYNOLDSL21140
CEC= Navy Civil Engineer Corps; CHC= Navy Chaplain Corps; DNG= Non-grad with 59 class; L= Navy Line; MC= Navy Medical Corps; SC= Navy Supply Corps; USA= Army; USAF= Air Force; USMC= Marine Corps; USPHS= Public Health Service; LB#= '59 Lucky Bag page
Total classmates selected: 31
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Table 1: Select by Service
Table 2: Retired Active or Retired Reserve Officer
Table 4: All Military Retired '59ers

Table 5: Retired Military Retired '59ers by Company