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This page directs to information on the 59th, 55th and 50th reunions. The current Data Admin and his tech support were not involved with any reunion data aspects until June 2014.  Fortunately, we managed to obtain a spreadsheet showing 50th reunion attendance; unfortunately, this is the only statistical information we have from the 50th.

59th Reunion References...
59th Reunion Committee 59th Reunion Announcement
59th Reunion Registered 59th Reunion Attendees
59th Reunion Registered cf Attended 59th Reunion Survey RESULTS
59th Reunion Schedule & Minutes & CHARTS
59th Summary Registration Counts 59th Summary Attendee Counts
59th Reunion Demographics (pdf) 59th Reunion Gouge (pdf)
59th Memorial Service Program 59th Reunion Memorial Speech (pdf)
59th Reunion Photos
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59th Reunion Photos
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55th Reunion References... 50th Reunion Reference...
55th Reunion Committee 50th Reunion Attendees
55th Reunion Attendees  
55th Summary Attendee Counts 
55th Reunion Demographics (pdf) 

Class of '59 Data Administrator (DA)

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