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'59 Classmates who retired from the Service

The following tables generate all known classmates, living or deceased, graduate or non-grad: Table1: by Service; Table2: by retired Active or retired Reserve Officer; Table 3: by last military Rank; Table 4: All Military Retired '59ers. Table 5: by Company - click one of 24 boxes or 99 below.

Table 5: All Military Retired '59ers for 19th Company
Total for the 19th Company: 21
as of Monday, May 31, 2021
First & Middle & LAST
Col USAF (Ret.)Frederick Charles ANDERSONUSAF19262
RADM SC, USNR (Ret.)Jay Ronald DENNEYSC19266
CAPT USN (Ret.)Thomas Andrew HASSLERL19306
LCDR USN (Ret.)Thomas Charles JARVISL19123
CDR USN (Ret.)Joseph NMN KEELEYL19178
CAPT USN (Ret.)James Andrew KELLYSC19129
CDR CEC, USN (Ret.)John Allen LaFONDCEC19186
CDR USN (Ret.)Frederick William MARCHSC19170
COL USAR (Ret.)John Anthony McFARLANDDNG-NY19333
CDR USN (Ret.)Charles Perry MILLERL19326
LCDR USN (Ret.)Harry Eugene MORGANL1986
CDR USN (Ret.)Richard Anthony RADECKIL19251
LCDR USN (Ret.)James Eugene RAMSEYL19260
LCDR USN (Ret.)Elbert Grant REESL19206
CAPT USN (Ret.)John Loftus SULLIVANL19194
Maj USMC (Ret.)Joseph Ricks TENNEYDNG-6019333
LCDR USN (Ret.)Bennett Edwards TODDL19297
CAPT USN (Ret.)Harry Craig WALKERL19280
CDR USN (Ret.)James Raymond WHEELERL19257
CAPT USN (Ret.)Richard Farnum WINTERL19238
CEC= Navy Civil Engineer Corps; CHC= Navy Chaplain Corps; DNG= Non-grad with Company; 99 = DNG withOUT Company assigned; DNG-XX= Non-grad who graduated in subsequent class (XX); JAGC=Judge Advocate General's Corps; L= Navy Line; MC= Navy Medical Corps; SC= Navy Supply Corps; USA= Army; USAF= Air Force; USMC= Marine Corps; USPHS= Public Health Service; LB#= '59 Lucky Bag page
Total classmates selected: 21
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