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'59 Memorials

The following represents the Class of 1959 Memorials for all known deceased graduate and non-graduate classmates.  Currently available obituaries are referenced where known.
USNA Class of 1959 Memorials
last update: 2019-02-19  sort by Last Name (DNG with '59 Class and company shown where known)
First MI (nickname) LAST
Died after 59th Reunion (10/07/2018)
Date of Death
Unknown DOD
Died on Duty
Richard  L.  BOGNANNIDNG (1)1958-05-04
Peter  M. (Pete)  CUNNINGHAM11969-09-18Killed in Operations
Alden  A. (Al)  DAVIS11990-02-10
James  M. (Jim)  HANFORD12017-05-09HANFORD Obituary
Bradley  N. (Brad)  KEYES12004-07-30KEYES Obituary
Charles  H. (Buck)  LLOYD12014-11-12LLOYD Obituary
Johnny  N.  MARTIN11972-05-30
Robert  V. (Bob)  MORGAN12017-07-02MORGAN Obituary
Gilbert  E.  MURRAYDNG (1)1999-03-01No Obituary available
Matt  A.  ROBERTS12012-06-13ROBERTS Obituary
John  S. (Robbie)  ROBERTSON11992-05-29
Phillip  R.  ROGERSDNG (1)2008-08-15ROGERS Obituary
Richard  S. (Dick)  ZEMBRZUSKI11997-03-05
Frank  M.  ADAMSON22017-08-24ADAMSON Obituary
George  A.  BALLANTINE21992-11-15
Ralph  D.  BOHRDNG (2)2002-11-09BOHR Obituary
Daniel  B. (Dan)  BRANCH22013-10-21BRANCH Obituary
Richard  M. (Dick)  COCKLEY21990-01-24
Charles  F. (Chuck)  CORBELLIDNG (2)2012-07-13CORBELLI Obituary
Thomas  H. (Tom)  GAINER22019-01-23GAINER Obituary
Bernard  R. (Tiger)  GEIGER22001-03-13GEIGER Obituary
Franz  S. J.  HIRZYDNG (2)2017-03-18
Robert  M. (Bob)  HYDINGER22014-11-02HYDINGER Obituary
Richard  L. (Dick)  IHLY22015-02-08IHLY Obituary
Thomas  F. (Tom)  KENNEDY22006-04-16KENNEDY Obituary
Tylor  F.  KITTREDGEDNG (2)1998-10-11No Obituary available
Charles  F. (Charlie)  MARRON21962-01-19Killed in Operations
Milan  (Milo)  MONCILOVICH22004-02-10MONCILOVICH Obituary
William  E. (Bill)  PHERIS22003-06-02PHERIS Obituary
Preston  G.  POLLOCK21991-11-26
David  K. (Sam)  SHIVERDECKER21971-08-23Shipmate Coming (KIO)
David  D. (Dave)  SULLIVAN22014-08-18SULLIVAN Obituary
Truxton  (Trux)  UMSTED21967-10-30Shipmate Coming (DAD)
William  F.  ASHTONDNG (3)2006-06-01ASHTON Obituary
William  L. (Willie)  BROWN31965-07-09BROWN Shipmate (KIA)
Kent  R.  CLARK32014-09-11CLARK Obituary
Henry  F. (Hank)  DAIDONE32012-04-16DAIDONE Obituary
Bobby  J. (Bob)  JONES32004-04-25JONES Obituary
Paul  F.  KEEFE32011-10-27KEEFE Obituary
Howard  E. (Bud)  McCORD32013-09-24No Obituary available
John  N.  PECHAUER32016-02-02PECHAUER Obituary
Louis  F. (Lou)  ROSSI31966-03-29Shipmate Coming (KIO)
John  M. (Jack)  ROURKE31981-09-11
Anthony  D.  RUSIEWSKIDNG (3)2015-07-28RUSIEWSKI Obituary
Lawrence  S. (Larry)  SCOTT31985-08-01
Rayburn  R. (Ross)  SMITH32009-06-01SMITH Obituary
John  A.  STUDDSDNG (3)2017-05-10STUDDS Obituary
James  O.  WATTDNG (3)Unk DOD
Gary  F.  WHEATLEY32002-12-10WHEATLEY Obituary
Robert  W.  CHAMBERSDNG (4)1997-05-17
John  B. (Jack)  FUNDERBURK41994-10-17
Richard  M.  GARDNERDNG (4)2012-07-09GARDNER Obituary
Raymond  D. (Dave)  HAGER42008-10-17HAGER Obituary
Jack  L.  ILER41992-05-10
Robert  L. (Bob)  MILNER42016-11-09MILNER Obituary
Henry  A. (Hank)  MORGAN42016-03-25MORGAN Obituary
Richard  A. (Dick)  NELSONDNG (4)1997-10-31
Robert  G. (Bob)  OLIVER42008-01-03OLIVER Obituary
Robert  A. (Bob)  PETITT42006-05-25Shipmate Coming
James  D. (Jim)  REGAN42013-05-01Shipmate Coming
John  G. R. (Rich)  RODDEY42018-02-11RODDEY Obituary
Arthur  E. (Arch)  ARCHAMBAULT52013-03-29ARCHAMBAULT Obituary
Joseph  (Joe)  CHULICK52006-12-08Shipmate Coming
Harry  H.  DERINGERDNG (5)2005-08-21DERINGER Obituary
Thomas  H. (Tom)  EMSLEY52018-04-25EMSLEY Obituary
Stuart  D. (Stu)  EVANS51963-06-27Killed in Operations
Martin  R. (Rut)  FLYNN52011-06-01FLYNN Obituary
Anthony  M.  FRANCODNG (5)2002-07-29FRANCO Obituary
Fred  H. (Freck)  FRECKMANN52017-07-21FRECKMANN Obituary
James  M. (Mike)  HAFFEY52015-07-08HAFFEY Obituary
Ralph  E.  HANSONDNG (5)2015-04-02HANSON Obituary
Hanley  E. (Bud)  HEYDEN52002-03-11HEYDEN Obituary
Alfred  A.  HOPCUSDNG (5)2015-11-07
Gary  D.  HOPPSDNG (5)1966-02-10Killed in Action
David  L. (Dave)  HUMPHREY52016-01-12HUMPHREY Obituary
Silas  O. (Si)  NUNN52014-07-24NUNN Obituary
Austin  E.  POORDNG (5)1972-10-03
Prescott  N. (Scotty)  SHINN52005-06-27SHINN Shipmate
Walter  S.  SNYDERDNG (5)Unk DOD
Felix  E.  TEMPLETON52003-03-05TEMPLETON Obituary
Quintin  L. (Quin)  WATERMAN52010-04-03WATERMAN Obituary
Philip  R. (Phil)  CHAMBERLIN62003-03-22No Obituary available
James  M. (Jim)  CURTIN62010-12-11CURTIN Obituary
David  J. (Dave)  FRIE61996-01-30
John  W. (Jack)  HAWTHORNE62003-03-22No Obituary available
Richard  D. (Rich)  MILLIGAN62018-06-28MILLIGAN Obituary
John  R. (Johnny)  PATTEN62008-03-28PATTEN Obituary
Gerald  L. (Jerry)  PETERSON62016-08-03PETERSON Obituary
Ramiro  (Romeo)  SAENZ62005-03-17SAENZ Obituary
Michael  C. (Mike)  STEVENS62018-01-25STEVENS Obituary
David  H. (Dave)  STITZEL61999-02-01STITZEL Obituary
William  H. (Bill)  BRANSON72006-08-15BRANSON Obituary
Maurice  E. (Mo)  CLARK71998-09-04No Obituary available
William  P.  DUKESDNG (7)2008-05-16DUKES Obituary
William  D. (Dave)  EKLEBERRY71996-10-25EKLEBERRY Obituary
George  E.  ERICKSON72001-03-01ERICKSON Obituary
William  R. (Bill)  EVANSDNG (7)2015-10-24EVANS Obituary
Richard  E.  FARRINGTONDNG (7)1963-03-26
Matthew  M. (Matt)  FLEMING72017-05-18FLEMING Tribute
Richard  E.  HIGGINSDNG (7)1996-06-12
Robert  C. (Bob)  HURD72018-10-23HURD Obituary
Steven  C. (Steve)  LAMPHEAR72004-09-05LAMPHEAR Obituary
Fred  P.  McINTYRE72015-04-06McINTYRE Obituary
Thomas  J.  O'KEEFEDNG (7)2008-04-13O'KEEFE Obituary
Donald  W. (Don)  PARKER71964-04-23Died on Duty
Philip  W. (Phil)  REYNOLDS72014-08-07
Norman  (Norm)  St. AMAND71965-05-02Killed in Operations
Charles  T. (Chuck)  STAATS72000-08-12STAATS Obituary
James  R. (Jim)  FINLEN82013-12-14FINLEN Obituary
Harvey  P.  HUETTER82014-12-04HUETTER Obituary
Richard  J. (Dick)  MADDEN82018-12-21MADDEN Obituary
Joseph  A. (Andy)  MASTERBONE82012-01-01No Obituary available
James  S. (Jimmie)  SHIPPDNG (8)2000-04-20SHIPP Obituary
Sidney  E. (Ed)  VEAZEY82018-09-07VEAZEY Obituary
Douglas  (Doug)  VOLGENAU82014-03-25VOLGENAU Obituary
James  T. (Tom)  YOUNG82002-12-22Shipmate Coming
John  T.  BOND92008-04-02
Edward  L. G. (Lee)  BRYAN92010-08-31BRYAN Obituary
Daniel  B. (Dan)  CHAPLA92012-01-23CHAPLA Obituary
Carl  E.  DAVIS91996-09-22
John  S.  EKSTROM92015-07-25EKSTROM Obituary
Chauncey  R. (Chance)  FAIRCHILD92016-02-17FAIRCHILD Obituary
Richard  C.  GAZLAYDNG (9)2013-07-12GAZLAY Obituary
Tomas  G. (Tom)  HENDERSON92017-07-19HENDERSON Obituary
John  D. (Denny)  LAFERTY92009-08-17LAFERTY Obituary
John  J. (Jack)  LIVENGOOD92018-11-27LIVENGOOD Obituary
James  A.  McWHORTERDNG (9)Unk DOD
Lawrence  R. (Larry)  MENZIES91966-03-03Shipmate Coming (KIO)
Frederick  E. (Fred)  NAEF92013-01-06NAEF Obituary
Philip  D. (Phil)  SCHULTZ91975-05-30
James  A. (Jimmie)  SMITH91998-04-16Shipmate Coming
Daniel  P. (Pete)  STEPHENS91968-06-05Killed in Operations
Waldemar  C. (Carl)  WEBER9Unk DOD
Lawrence  D. (Larry)  BAUER102015-03-13BAUER Obituary
Terrence  J. (Terry)  CAMILLERI102017-05-03CAMILLERI Obituary
Dale  N.  FENDORF101964-07-15Killed in Operations
Charles  L. (Chuck)  FERRIS102006-03-17Pete Stout to Research
Martin  J. (Marty)  FINERTY102016-09-09FINERTY Obituary
John  P. (Elf)  FIRMIN101982-12-02Pete Stout to Research
William  D.  HARRISONDNG (10)1993-02-23
Richard  F. (Dick)  HUEBNER102011-12-20HUEBNER Obituary
Robert  F. (Bob)  LESTER102008-07-29Pete Stout to Research
Robert  L. (Bob)  MARTIN102002-03-30Pete Stout to Research
David  L. (Dave)  OSBURN102010-05-11OSBURN Obituary
Dean  M.  SIMMONS101997-05-11
Douglas  M.  TOCADODNG (10)1976-02-28
Richard  K. (Dick)  WESTFAHL102016-03-06WESTFAHL Obituary
Carl  D.  CORSE112003-07-13CORSE Obituary
Robert  E. (Monk)  DAVISON112016-09-17DAVISON Obituary
William  M. (Bill)  HONSA112015-08-15HONSA Obituary
Francis  M. (Frank)  MEREDITH112007-02-14MEREDITH Obituary
William  T. (Bill)  POSEY112014-05-02POSEY Obituary
John  J. (Jack)  SHIRREFFS112016-02-21SHIRREFFS Obituary
Gibson  P. (Gibby)  SMITH111994-02-09
Raymond  B. (Buddy)  WELLBORN112018-10-23WELLBORN Obituary
George  H. (Hank)  BRAMAN121992-12-18
William  T.  CAIN121964-12-10Killed in Operations
Richard  M. (Rich)  DAGAMPAT122014-04-01DAGAMPAT Obituary
John  S. (Jack)  GLAESER122016-12-14GLAESER Obituary
Thomas  W. (Tom)  HABERMAS122015-10-04HABERMAS Obituary
Wayne  J.  HALEY122017-06-06HALEY Obituary
Warren  G. (G.F.X.)  HAMMOND122005-01-20HAMMOND Obituary
Christopher  L. (Husky)  HUDGINS121997-06-13
John  M. (Mike)  LEEDS122005-10-29LEEDS Obituary
James  F. (Jim)  LEONARD121963-02-25Killed in Operations
Samuel  J. (Sam)  LIGON122011-04-13LIGON Obituary
Jonathan  K. (Ollie)  OSGOOD122018-03-02No Obituary available
Leslie  N. (Les)  PALMER121984-12-24Died on Duty
Allen  R.  RUTH122016-04-30RUTH Obituary
John  W.  SAPP122018-12-04
Elmer  C. (Chuck)  SCHONEMAN121987-01-01
George  T.  SULLIVANDNG (12)1995-06-15
Andre  L. (Andy)  VANDEPUTTE122004-12-11VANDEPUTTE Obituary
Alvin  L. (Al)  WILDERMAN121973-11-30Shipmate Coming (KIO)
Grant  D.  WRIGHT122003-07-13WRIGHT Obituary
H. Bailey  B. (Yeag)  YEAGER121998-07-04Shipmate Coming
Richard  L. (Dick)  BALDWIN132018-11-05BALDWIN Obituary
Gary  L.  BARNUM132015-12-11BARNUM Obituary
Thomas  H. (Tom)  BOND132007-11-19BOND Obituary
John  W.  CHIDSEY131990-01-07
Francis  R. (Frank)  DONOVAN132014-05-04DONOVAN Obituary
George  M.  ELLIOTT132014-10-17ELLIOTT Obituary
Larry  B.  FRANKLIN132018-01-14FRANKLIN Obituary
Donald  B.  MESSERSCHMIDT131969-07-29Shipmate Coming (KIO)
Jacques  C. (Jack)  NAVIAUX132017-03-26NAVIAUX Obituary
Guy  C.  PARSONS131963-04-10Killed in Operations
Jeremiah  W. (Jed)  PEARSONDNG (13)2012-06-01PEARSON Obituary
Jack  W. (Jack)  PHILLIPS131967-10-14Killed in Action
James  F. (Jim)  TIDD132018-12-20TIDD Obituary
Donald  J. H.  WALLACE131988-09-01
Willis  S. (Whit)  WHITTLESEY132017-10-02WHITTLESEY Obituary
Donald  H.  CLARK142012-10-28CLARK Obituary
William  F. (Bill)  CORROUM142012-06-16CORROUM Obituary
Perry  L.  EALICK141998-06-17No Obituary available
Robert  B. (Bob)  GARDNER142008-08-13GARDNER Obituary
William  F. (Bill)  GARRITY141962-01-08Killed in Operations
Paul  E.  GROSS141970-01-30Shipmate Coming (DAD)
David  G. (Dave)  GUTHRIE142011-01-14GUTHRIE Obituary
Frank  W.  LARSON142017-11-03LARSON Obituary
John  F.  LEDER142001-03-09LEDER Obituary
James  E. (Jim)  MARTIN142000-04-28Shipmate Coming
John  E. (Jack)  NOURIE142011-07-01NOURIE Obituary
John  A.  PAINE141996-08-02
William  T.  SMOOT141994-04-04
George  L. (Larry)  TUZO141986-05-14
William  L. (Bill)  ASSELL152014-09-29ASSELL Obituary
Jack  B.  AUSTIN152013-12-26AUSTIN Obituary
William  H. (Peach)  BALLARD151963-05-26
Patrick  J. (Pat)  BARRY151996-02-03
Paul  T.  BUDADNG (15)2017-08-27
Edward  W. (Ed)  GIBBONS152011-11-11GIBBONS Obituary
Martin  P. (Marty)  HANSON152017-05-07HANSON Obituary
John  H. (Jack)  HOEY152011-05-31Shipmate Coming
Wayne  R.  HYATT151971-02-18Killed in Operations
Michael  B.  LaGRUADNG (15)1994-11-05
Harry  E. (Woodley)  LEWIS152018-09-26LEWIS Obituary
Steven  W. (Steve)  McGANKA152010-04-26McGANKA Obituary
Tommy  B.  McGEEDNG (15)1991-03-11
William  H. (Bill)  NEVILLE152018-11-25NEVILLE Obituary
Cecil  W. (Cec)  POWELL152011-08-01POWELL Obituary
Robert  L. (Bob)  PRESTON152010-12-15PRESTON Obituary
Delbert  C. (Del)  SETTLE151994-10-12
William  J. (Will)  YAWORSKY152011-03-07
Carl  E.  ANDERSON162012-07-29ANDERSON Obituary
William  L.  ATENDNG (16)2009-10-15
Ronald  E. (Bos)  BOSTICK162004-01-03BOSTICK Obituary
Richard  B. (Dick)  DERICKSON161994-01-04
James  J.  HOGANDNG (16)2009-07-20HOGAN Obituary
John  P. (J.P.)  JACKSON162013-08-08JACKSON Obituary
Harold  M. (Doc)  LEE16Unk DOD
Kevin  M. (Kev)  MULKERN162015-11-26MULKERN Obituary
Arnold  A. (Arnie)  RICCI161995-08-06
Luther  W. (Bill)  SKELTON161999-08-25SKELTON Obituary
Joseph  M.  WHINERYDNG (16)2018-07-22
Robert  A. (Bob)  WILLIAMS162009-12-08
Peter  R. (Pete)  BOZZO172005-06-12BOZZO Obituary
John  M.  BYRNEDNG (17)1980-09-01
James  W.  CAHOONDNG (17)2013-07-01CAHOON Obituary
Leonard  L. (Lenny)  ETCHO172013-12-04
Herbert  A.  HIGGINBOTHAMDNG (17)2008-08-11
Jerry  L.  HORACEK172016-04-29HORACEK Obituary
Richard  A. (Rick)  JOHNSON172018-11-06JOHNSON Obituary
Walter  H. O. (Walt)  KOPP172006-07-07KOPP Obituary
Allen  L. J. (Al)  KRISCHKER171997-11-03
David  D. (Mac)  McCARTHY17Unk DOD
William  I. (Bill)  MILWEE172016-08-17MILWEE Obituary
Thomas  A. (Tom)  RYAN171961-05-16RYAN Obit (KIO)
John  E. (Jack)  SEEBURGER171995-07-31
Edward  E. (Ted)  ALEXANDER182018-12-20ALEXANDER Obituary
Edmund  B. R. (Ed)  BURNS182013-04-16BURNS Obituary
William  R. (Bill)  CORCORAN182018-07-15CORCORAN Obituary
Michael  J. (Mike)  CRONIN182018-11-02CRONIN Obituary
Ronald  R. (Ron)  CURTIS181997-09-06
Ben  F.  HOLT182018-01-23HOLT Obituary
Edward  J. (Ed)  HOYNES182015-01-15HOYNES Obituary
Jose  M.  IBARRADNG (18)1993-07-01
Henry  J.  MAGUDERDNG (18)2012-10-06MAGUDER Obituary
William  (Bill)  MOLNAR182008-11-09MOLNAR Obituary
William  E.  REITELBACHDNG (18)2009-09-11
Robert  W. (Bob)  SCHULTZ182017-10-09SCHULTZ Obituary
Andrew  R. (Rick)  SILVAY18Unk DOD
Paul  A.  THORNTON181968-12-23Shipmate Coming (DAD)
Arthur  K. (Art)  EHLEDNG (19)2017-02-13
Ernest  J. (Ernie)  EHLERS191969-04-03Shipmate Coming (KIO)
Orrin  R.  GEETINGDNG (19)2013-10-13GEETING Obituary
George  G.  GORMLEYDNG (19)2001-06-15GORMLEY Obituary
William  J. (Bill)  HONADLE192016-05-03HONADLE Obituary
Thomas  C. (Tom)  JARVIS191996-09-05
Jerry  E.  JENSENDNG (19)2015-07-25JENSEN Obituary
Donald  L. (Don)  KATZ192015-05-19KATZ Obituary
John  A.  LaFOND192007-11-18LaFOND Obituary
Albert  T. (Al)  MAYS192003-07-12MAYS Obituary
Charles  P. (Chuck)  MILLER192016-05-29MILLER Obituary
Harry  E. (Gene)  MORGAN192009-04-24MORGAN Obituary
James  B.  RAMSEYDNG (19)2014-03-31RAMSEY Obituary
Fenwick  R. (Fen)  SMALL192006-08-25SMALL Obituary
Badger  C. (Smitty)  SMITH191962-01-12Killed in Operations
Herbert  J.  SOLOMONDNG (19)Unk DOD
Bennett  E. (Ben)  TODD191985-05-14
John  W.  TURNER192002-01-12TURNER Obituary
Harry  C.  WALKER191993-05-27
Roland  R. (Mack)  WOMMACK192018-05-22WOMMACK Obituary
Marshall  H. (Dixie)  WOOLDRIDGE191999-12-14WOOLDRIDGE Obituary
William  W.  CARTERDNG (20)1969-08-10
Joseph  F. (Joe)  DAVIS202007-10-13DAVIS Obituary
William  O. (Bill)  HARRIS202016-03-11HARRIS Obituary
Michael  L. (Mike)  HARTMAN202016-10-09HARTMAN Obituary
Hayden  L. (Dutch)  LEON202015-05-23LEON Obituary
John  P. (Jack)  MORGAN201970-11-27Died on Duty
Robert  M. (Bob)  MULROONEY201968-12-21Shipmate Coming (KIO)
Everett  F. (Ev)  OVERMAN202013-05-07OVERMAN Obituary
William  E. (Bill)  POWELL202019-02-03POWELL Obituary
Philip  H. (Phil)  POWERS202012-11-07Shipmate Coming
Robert  L. (Prendy)  PRENDERGAST202007-04-27PRENDERGAST Obituary
Richard  E. (Robbie)  ROBINSON202016-04-17ROBINSON Obituary
Winfield  W. (Wade)  SISSON201965-10-18Killed in Action
Earl  R.  SNODGRASSDNG (20)2004-12-24SNODGRASS Obituary
Douglas  D. (Doug)  WILLIAMS202003-03-31WILLIAMS Obituary
Charles  D. (Don)  WITT201967-05-24Shipmate Coming (KIA)
James  P. (Andy)  ANDERSON212002-08-02ANDERSON Obituary
Jerome  E.  BENSONDNG (21)2013-12-30BENSON Obituary
John  C. (Jack)  BRONS212015-06-15BRONS Obituary
James  J. (Jim)  CULLITON211996-06-03
Pablo  E.  DURANDNG (21)1988-07-03DURAN Obituary
John  A. (Johnny)  GUNTHER211988-04-11Died on Duty
John  J.  LIBERT212006-06-20No Obituary available
Gordon  M.  LITTLEFIELD212018-05-31
Roger  G.  MARTIN212003-09-16MARTIN Obituary
Glenn  R.  MORRISON211979-06-19Killed in Action
Leo  J.  PECK212015-10-01PECK Obituary
James  G. (Guy)  REYNOLDS212010-03-29REYNOLDS Obituary
Edwin  L. (Ed)  TOONEDNG (21)2018-06-15TOONE Obituary
James  E.  VALENTINEDNG (21)1996-04-02
George  B.  AUCHY222017-01-01AUCHY Obituary
Carl  A.  BAILER221967-07-07
James  H.  BOGDANDNG (22)2014-12-03
Brian  F.  BOOTHDNG (22)1970-05-20
Donald  R. (Ross)  CAMPBELL222012-11-02CAMPBELL Obituary
Edward  W. (Ed)  CATHER222016-06-24CATHER Obituary
Archibald  S.  COOKDNG (22)2001-02-21
Thomas  P.  COSTIGAN221984-01-12
John  (Johnny)  DACHOS221998-12-18Shipmate Coming
George  R. (Fritz)  FRITZINGER221991-03-30FRITZINGER Obituary
Lawrence  D. (Larry)  GOSEN221968-07-23Shipmate Coming (KIO)
William  J. (Bill)  HANCOCK222011-12-23HANCOCK Obituary
John  S.  KANUCH222018-12-28KANUCH Obituary
John  P. (Rick)  MEANY22Unk DOD
John  A. (Johnny)  MOORE221967-05-01Shipmate Coming (DAD)
Hubert  L.  PIPPINDNG (22)2010-05-25PIPPIN Obituary
John  J.  SAVEL222004-04-27SAVEL Obituary
George  P.  VARVERDNG (22)1973-12-11Shipmate Coming (KIO)
John  S.  VAUGHAN222011-09-23VAUGHAN Obituary
Verne  B. (Whitey)  WHITEHEAD222015-08-01WHITEHEAD Obituary
Robert  C. (Bob)  GORDON232012-08-27GORDON Obituary
Richard  W. (Dick)  HUNTER232005-06-09HUNTER Obituary
Karl  L. (Johnny)  KEAY232007-08-07KEAY Obituary
Emmett  J.  KNAPP232002-07-20Shipmate Coming
Theodore  G. (Ted)  KRUMM232016-12-03
John  T.  LAWLER231964-08-19Killed in Operations
Kent  A.  LINK232010-03-08LINK Obituary
John  M. (Jack)  MACHESKY231998-03-22Shipmate Coming
Anthony  M. (Tony)  MARKS232016-03-04MARKS Obituary
David  W. (Dave)  McCARTHY231984-10-15
Roland  R. (Ron)  OBENLAND231968-05-18Shipmate Coming (KIA)
Antero  V. (Ted)  SANTOSDNG (23)2017-04-20SANTOS Obituary
Gale  N.  TURNER232012-12-23TURNER Obituary
Robert  E.  VANDLINGDNG (23)2008-03-26
Gerald  H. (Jerry)  WELSH232018-01-02WELSH Obituary
Richard  Y. (Dick)  WISENBAKER232011-08-02WISENBAKER Obituary
Iveaux  W.  ANDERSENDNG (24)1994-06-25
Nolan  R. (Nol)  BURKE242007-01-03BURKE Obituary
Clyde  A. L.  CARTER242000-06-23CARTER Obituary
James  A.  DODDDNG (24)2013-05-07
James  J. (Jim)  DORSEY241992-07-17
James  F. (Jim)  FEATHERSTONE242019-02-02FEATHERSTONE Obituary
Frank  W.  FRANKLIN241985-12-26
David  C. (Dave)  JOHNSON242000-01-30Shipmate Coming
Rodney  K. (Rod)  JOHNSTON242018-03-30JOHNSTON Obituary
Edward  A.  RANSOMDNG (24)2014-01-02RANSOM Obituary
Richard  D. (Dick)  RUSSELL242000-07-15RUSSELL Obituary
Bruce  J.  SCHICK242015-05-03SCHICK Obituary
George  H. (Biff)  STROHSAHL242011-05-22STROHSAHL Obituary
Lee  R.  TALBERT242004-10-08No Obituary available
Frederick  R.  ALMANDNG 1967-08-06ALMAN Tribute
Edward  D.  BIERETZDNG 2014-05-24
John  D.  BURROUGHSDNG 2017-04-10BURROUGHS Obituary
Roy  C. (RC)  CAMPBELLDNG 2015-09-23CAMPBELL Obituary
George  R.  CAMPSTERDNG 1983-07-08
Theodore  P. (Ted)  CRANEDNG 2014-02-23CRANE Obituary
Norman  H.  FINKLEDNG 2014-01-05FINKLE Obituary
Alphege  J.  MARTINDNG 1998-07-09MARTIN Obituary
Roy  S.  REINSDNG 1992-03-20
Thomas  R. (Tom)  ROCKDNG 2015-09-07ROCK Obituary
Charles  C.  SAVADNG 2013-01-05SAVA Obituary
Known Deceased: 374
Total '59 database entries: 1145

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