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'59 Memorials

The following represents the Class of 1959 Memorials for all known deceased graduate classmates.  Currently available obituaries are referenced where known.  Current scheduled services are listed.
USNA Class of 1959 Memorials
last update: 2022-05-14  sort by Last Name (DNG with '59 Class and company shown where known)
First MI (nickname) LAST
Died after 59th Reunion (10/07/2018)
Date of Death
Unknown DOD
Died on Duty
Frank  M.  ADAMSON22017-08-24ADAMSON Obituary
Edward  E. (Ted)  ALEXANDER182018-12-20ALEXANDER Obituary
Carl  E.  ANDERSON162012-07-29ANDERSON Obituary
James  P. (Andy)  ANDERSON212002-08-02ANDERSON Obituary
Arthur  E. (Arch)  ARCHAMBAULT52013-03-29ARCHAMBAULT Obituary
James  J. (Jim)  ARNOLD172019-07-04ARNOLD Obituary
William  L. (Bill)  ASSELL152014-09-29ASSELL Obituary
George  B.  AUCHY222017-01-01AUCHY Obituary
Jack  B.  AUSTIN152013-12-26AUSTIN Obituary
Roger  F. (Rog)  BACON72021-04-09BACON Tribute
Carl  A.  BAILER221967-07-07
Edward  B. (Ted)  BAKER82022-01-26BAKER Obituary
Richard  L. (Dick)  BALDWIN132018-11-05BALDWIN Obituary
George  A.  BALLANTINE21992-11-15
William  H. (Peach)  BALLARD151963-05-26
Gary  L.  BARNUM132015-12-11BARNUM Obituary
Patrick  J. (Pat)  BARRY151996-02-03
Lawrence  D. (Larry)  BAUER102015-03-13BAUER Obituary
Vernon  C. (Vern)  BLOCH132021-10-08BLOCH Obituary
John  W.  BOGLE132019-04-18BOGLE Obituary
John  T.  BOND92008-04-02
Thomas  H. (Tom)  BOND132007-11-19BOND Obituary
Ronald  E. (Bos)  BOSTICK162004-01-03BOSTICK Obituary
Peter  R. (Pete)  BOZZO172005-06-12BOZZO Obituary
George  H. (Hank)  BRAMAN121992-12-18
Daniel  B. (Dan)  BRANCH22013-10-21BRANCH Obituary
William  H. (Bill)  BRANSON72006-08-15BRANSON Obituary
John  J. (J.J.)  BRAY222019-08-17BRAY Obituary
Harry  J.  BROCK182021-07-15BROCK Obituary
John  C. (Jack)  BRONS212015-06-15BRONS Obituary
Dwight  E.  BROWN22019-12-18BROWN Obituary
Michael  J. (Brownie)  BROWN72018-05-05
William  L. (Willie)  BROWN31965-07-09BROWN Shipmate (KIA)
Edward  L. G. (Lee)  BRYAN92010-08-31BRYAN Obituary
William  S. (Steve)  BURGESS12022-02-22BURGESS Obituary
Nolan  R. (Nol)  BURKE242007-01-03BURKE Obituary
Chester  I. (Chet)  BURNETT222018-11-08BURNETT Obituary
Edmund  B. R. (Ed)  BURNS182013-04-16BURNS Obituary
Richard  L. (Dick)  BUXTON142020-10-19BUXTON Obituary
Robert  H. (Bob)  BYNG62020-10-08BYNG Shipmate
William  T.  CAIN121964-12-10CAIN Obit (KIO)
Terrence  J. (Terry)  CAMILLERI102017-05-03CAMILLERI Obituary
Donald  R. (Ross)  CAMPBELL222012-11-02CAMPBELL Obituary
Clyde  A. L.  CARTER242000-06-23CARTER Obituary
James  P. (Jim)  CARTWRIGHT72020-12-28CARTWRIGHT Obituary
Edward  W. (Ed)  CATHER222016-06-24CATHER Obituary
Philip  R. (Phil)  CHAMBERLIN62003-03-22No Obituary available
Daniel  B. (Dan)  CHAPLA92012-01-23CHAPLA Obituary
John  W.  CHIDSEY131990-01-07
Joseph  (Joe)  CHULICK52006-12-08Shipmate Coming
Donald  H.  CLARK142012-10-28CLARK Obituary
Kent  R.  CLARK32014-09-11CLARK Obituary
Maurice  E. (Mo)  CLARK71998-09-04No Obituary available
William  G. (Bill)  CLAUTICE32020-06-14CLAUTICE Obituary
Richard  M. (Dick)  COCKLEY21990-01-24
William  R. (Bill)  CORCORAN182018-07-15CORCORAN Obituary
William  F. (Bill)  CORROUM142012-06-16CORROUM Obituary
Carl  D.  CORSE112003-07-13CORSE Obituary
Thomas  P.  COSTIGAN221984-01-12
Michael  J. (Mike)  CRONIN182018-11-02CRONIN Obituary
James  J. (Jim)  CULLITON211996-06-03
Peter  M. (Pete)  CUNNINGHAM11969-09-18CUNNINGHAM Obit (KIO)
James  M. (Jim)  CURTIN62010-12-11CURTIN Obituary
Ronald  R. (Ron)  CURTIS181997-09-06
John  (Johnny)  DACHOS221998-12-18Shipmate Coming
Richard  M. (Rich)  DAGAMPAT122014-04-01DAGAMPAT Obituary
Henry  F. (Hank)  DAIDONE32012-04-16DAIDONE Obituary
Carl  N.  DANITSCHEK112020-03-29DANITSCHEK Obituary
Alden  A. (Al)  DAVIS11990-02-10
Carl  E.  DAVIS91996-09-22
Hugh  M.  DAVIS222021-03-17DAVIS Obituary
Joseph  F. (Joe)  DAVIS202007-10-13DAVIS Obituary
Richard  S. (Dick)  DAVIS42022-01-11DAVIS Obituary
Robert  E. (Monk)  DAVISON112016-09-17DAVISON Obituary
Clifford  R. (Denny)  DEN-OTTER222019-11-29DEN-OTTER Obituary
Richard  B. (Dick)  DERICKSON161994-01-04
David  P. (Dave)  DOELGER82019-12-19DOELGER Obituary
Francis  R. (Frank)  DONOVAN132014-05-04DONOVAN Obituary
James  J. (Jim)  DORSEY241992-07-17
Donald  R. (Don)  DUNN12020-04-21DUNN Obituary
James  V. (Jim)  DUNN102019-04-05DUNN Obituary
Perry  L.  EALICK141998-06-17No Obituary available
Ernest  J. (Ernie)  EHLERS191969-04-03EHLERS Shipmate (KIO)
William  D. (Dave)  EKLEBERRY71996-10-25EKLEBERRY Obituary
John  S.  EKSTROM92015-07-25EKSTROM Obituary
George  M.  ELLIOTT132014-10-17ELLIOTT Obituary
Thomas  H. (Tom)  EMSLEY52018-04-25EMSLEY Obituary
George  E.  ERICKSON72001-03-01ERICKSON Obituary
Clifford  D. (Cliff)  ESTES62019-03-27ESTES Obituary
Leonard  L. (Lenny)  ETCHO172013-12-04ETCHO Obituary
Stuart  D. (Stu)  EVANS51963-06-27EVANS Obit (KIO)
William  H. (Bill)  EVERETT152019-09-01EVERETT Obituary
Ralph  J.  FACCIANI62020-05-11FACCIANI Obituary
Chauncey  R. (Chance)  FAIRCHILD92016-02-17FAIRCHILD Obituary
James  F. (Jim)  FEATHERSTONE242019-02-02FEATHERSTONE Obituary
Dale  N.  FENDORF101964-07-15FENDORF Obit (KIO)
Angelo  D. (Angy)  FERNANDEZ102019-10-11FERNANDEZ Obituary
Charles  L. (Chuck)  FERRIS102006-03-17Pete Stout to Research
James  R. (Jim)  FIENE62020-06-19FIENE Obituary
Martin  J. (Marty)  FINERTY102016-09-09FINERTY Obituary
James  R. (Jim)  FINLEN82013-12-14FINLEN Obituary
John  P. (Elf)  FIRMIN101982-12-02Pete Stout to Research
Michael  E. (Mike)  FITZGERALD152022-03-22FITZGERALD Obituary
Matthew  M. (Matt)  FLEMING72017-05-18FLEMING Tribute
Martin  R. (Rut)  FLYNN52011-06-01FLYNN Obituary
Roy  W.  FORSBERG32022-03-17FORSBERG Obituary
Frank  W.  FRANKLIN241985-12-26
Larry  B.  FRANKLIN132018-01-14FRANKLIN Obituary
Fred  H. (Freck)  FRECKMANN52017-07-21FRECKMANN Obituary
David  J. (Dave)  FRIE61996-01-30
George  R. (Fritz)  FRITZINGER221991-03-30FRITZINGER Obituary
John  B. (Jack)  FUNDERBURK41994-10-17
Thomas  H. (Tom)  GAINER22019-01-23GAINER Obituary
Lynn  M. (Skip)  GANTT222021-03-10GANTT Obituary
Robert  B. (Bob)  GARDNER142008-08-13GARDNER Obituary
William  F. (Bill)  GARRITY141962-01-08GARRITY Obit (KIO)
Bernard  R. (Tiger)  GEIGER22001-03-13GEIGER Obituary
Gary  Q.  GEIST212019-12-24GEIST Obituary
Edward  W. (Ed)  GIBBONS152011-11-11GIBBONS Obituary
John  S. (Jack)  GLAESER122016-12-14GLAESER Obituary
Robert  C. (Bob)  GORDON232012-08-27GORDON Obituary
Lawrence  D. (Larry)  GOSEN221968-07-23GOSEN Shipmate (KIO)
Paul  E.  GROSS141970-01-30Shipmate Coming (DAD)
John  A. (Johnny)  GUNTHER211988-04-11GUNTHER Shipmate
David  G. (Dave)  GUTHRIE142011-01-14GUTHRIE Obituary
Thomas  W. (Tom)  HABERMAS122015-10-04HABERMAS Obituary
James  M. (Mike)  HAFFEY52015-07-08HAFFEY Obituary
Raymond  D. (Dave)  HAGER42008-10-17HAGER Obituary
Wayne  J.  HALEY122017-06-06HALEY Obituary
Griffin  F. (Griff)  HAMILTON122020-12-09HAMILTON Obituary
Warren  G. (G.F.X.)  HAMMOND122005-01-20HAMMOND Obituary
William  J. (Bill)  HANCOCK222011-12-23HANCOCK Obituary
James  M. (Jim)  HANFORD12017-05-09HANFORD Obituary
Martin  P. (Marty)  HANSON152017-05-07HANSON Obituary
William  O. (Bill)  HARRIS202016-03-11HARRIS Obituary
Michael  L. (Mike)  HARTMAN202016-10-09HARTMAN Obituary
John  W. (Jack)  HAWTHORNE62003-03-22No Obituary available
Tomas  G. (Tom)  HENDERSON92017-07-19HENDERSON Obituary
Hanley  E. (Bud)  HEYDEN52002-03-11HEYDEN Obituary
John  W.  HILT242020-12-17HILT Obituary
John  H. (Jack)  HOEY152011-05-31Shipmate Coming
Ben  F.  HOLT182018-01-23HOLT Obituary
William  J. (Bill)  HONADLE192016-05-03HONADLE Obituary
William  M. (Bill)  HONSA112015-08-15HONSA Obituary
Jerry  L.  HORACEK172016-04-29HORACEK Obituary
Edward  J. (Ed)  HOYNES182015-01-15HOYNES Obituary
Christopher  L. (Husky)  HUDGINS121997-06-13
Richard  F. (Dick)  HUEBNER102011-12-20HUEBNER Obituary
Harvey  P.  HUETTER82014-12-04HUETTER Obituary
Charles  B. (Charlie)  HUMES42020-10-14HUMES Shipmate
David  L. (Dave)  HUMPHREY52016-01-12HUMPHREY Obituary
Richard  W. (Dick)  HUNTER232005-06-09HUNTER Obituary
Robert  C. (Bob)  HURD72018-10-23HURD Obituary
Wayne  R.  HYATT151971-02-18HYATT Obit (KIA)
Robert  M. (Bob)  HYDINGER22014-11-02HYDINGER Obituary
Richard  L. (Dick)  IHLY22015-02-08IHLY Obituary
Jack  L.  ILER41992-05-10
John  P. (J.P.)  JACKSON162013-08-08JACKSON Obituary
Thomas  C. (Tom)  JARVIS191996-09-05
David  C. (Dave)  JOHNSON242000-01-30Shipmate Coming
Richard  A. (Rick)  JOHNSON172018-11-06JOHNSON Obituary
Rodney  K. (Rod)  JOHNSTON242018-03-30JOHNSTON Obituary
Bobby  J. (Bob)  JONES32004-04-25JONES Obituary
Raymond  A. (Ray)  KAMBEITZ162020-07-28KAMBEITZ Obituary
John  S.  KANUCH222018-12-28KANUCH Obituary
Donald  L. (Don)  KATZ192015-05-19KATZ Obituary
Karl  L. (Johnny)  KEAY232007-08-07KEAY Obituary
Paul  F.  KEEFE32011-10-27KEEFE Obituary
Thomas  F. (Tom)  KENNEDY22006-04-16KENNEDY Obituary
Bradley  N. (Brad)  KEYES12004-07-30KEYES Obituary
Denis  J. (Denny)  KIELY172020-10-29KIELY Obituary
John  J. (Jack)  KING162020-08-26KING Obituary
Emmett  J.  KNAPP232002-07-20Shipmate Coming
John  H.  KNIEF22021-05-05KNIEF Obituary
Walter  H. O. (Walt)  KOPP172006-07-07KOPP Obituary
Allen  L. J. (Al)  KRISCHKER171997-11-03
Theodore  G. (Ted)  KRUMM232016-12-03
John  D. (Denny)  LAFERTY92009-08-17LAFERTY Obituary
John  A.  LaFOND192007-11-18LaFOND Obituary
Steven  C. (Steve)  LAMPHEAR72004-09-05LAMPHEAR Obituary
Frank  W.  LARSON142017-11-03LARSON Obituary
Robert  L. (Bob)  LARSON32022-03-28LARSON Obituary
Anthony  J. (Tony)  LaSALA182019-08-23LaSALA Obituary
Ray  E.  LaVAN112020-05-12LaVAN Obituary
John  T.  LAWLER231964-08-13LAWLER Obit (KIO)
John  F.  LEDER142001-03-09LEDER Obituary
Harold  M. (Doc)  LEE161988-07-15LEE Obituary
John  M. (Mike)  LEEDS122005-10-29LEEDS Obituary
Stanley  W. (Stan)  LEGRO32020-08-17LEGRO Obituary
Hayden  L. (Dutch)  LEON202015-05-23LEON Obituary
James  F. (Jim)  LEONARD121963-05-26LEONARD Obit (KIO)
Robert  F. (Bob)  LESTER102008-07-29Pete Stout to Research
Harry  E. (Woodley)  LEWIS152018-09-26LEWIS Obituary
John  J.  LIBERT212006-06-20No Obituary available
Samuel  J. (Sam)  LIGON122011-04-13LIGON Obituary
Kent  A.  LINK232010-03-08LINK Obituary
Gordon  M.  LITTLEFIELD212018-05-31
John  J. (Jack)  LIVENGOOD92018-11-27LIVENGOOD Obituary
Charles  H. (Buck)  LLOYD12014-11-12LLOYD Obituary
Jack  (Jack)  LONDON152021-01-18LONDON Obituary
Jerry  M.  LOVELESS132020-09-24LOVELESS Obituary
James  R. (Jim)  LOWE142022-04-18LOWE Obituary
John  M. (Jack)  MACHESKY231998-03-22Shipmate Coming
Richard  J. (Dick)  MADDEN82018-12-21MADDEN Obituary
Anthony  M. (Tony)  MARKS232016-03-04MARKS Obituary
Charles  F. (Charlie)  MARRON21962-01-09MARRON Obit (KIO)
James  E. (Jim)  MARTIN142000-04-28Shipmate Coming
Johnny  N.  MARTIN11972-05-30
Robert  L. (Bob)  MARTIN102002-03-30Pete Stout to Research
Roger  G.  MARTIN212003-09-16MARTIN Obituary
Joseph  A. (Andy)  MASTERBONE82012-01-01No Obituary available
Albert  T. (Al)  MAYS192003-07-12MAYS Obituary
Peter  T. (Pete)  McCALL112021-04-22McCALL Obituary
David  D. (Mac)  McCARTHY17Unk DOD
David  W. (Dave)  McCARTHY231984-10-15
Howard  E. (Bud)  McCORD32013-09-24No Obituary available
Robert  C. (Bud)  McFARLANE142022-05-12McFARLANE Obituary
Steven  W. (Steve)  McGANKA152010-04-26McGANKA Obituary
Joseph  J. (Joe)  McGLINCHEY62020-08-12McGLINCHEY Obituary
Fred  P.  McINTYRE72015-04-06McINTYRE Obituary
John  P. (Rick)  MEANY221983-04-07
Lawrence  R. (Larry)  MENZIES91966-03-03MENZIES Shipmate (KIO)
Francis  M. (Frank)  MEREDITH112007-02-14MEREDITH Obituary
Donald  B.  MESSERSCHMIDT131969-07-29MESSERSCHMIDT Shipmate (KIO)
Charles  P. (Chuck)  MILLER192016-05-29MILLER Obituary
Richard  D. (Rich)  MILLIGAN62018-06-28MILLIGAN Obituary
Robert  L. (Bob)  MILNER42016-11-09MILNER Obituary
William  I. (Bill)  MILWEE172016-08-17MILWEE Obituary
William  (Bill)  MOLNAR182008-11-09MOLNAR Obituary
Milan  (Milo)  MONCILOVICH22004-02-10MONCILOVICH Obituary
John  A. (Johnny)  MOORE221967-05-01Shipmate Coming (DAD)
Harry  E. (Gene)  MORGAN192009-04-24MORGAN Obituary
Henry  A. (Hank)  MORGAN42016-03-25MORGAN Obituary
John  P. (Jack)  MORGAN201970-11-27Died on Duty
Robert  V. (Bob)  MORGAN12017-07-02MORGAN Obituary
Glenn  R.  MORRISON211966-10-26MORRISON Obit (KIA)
Kevin  M. (Kev)  MULKERN162015-11-26MULKERN Obituary
Robert  M. (Bob)  MULROONEY201968-12-21MULROONEY Shipmate (KIO)
Frederick  E. (Fred)  NAEF92013-01-06NAEF Obituary
Jacques  C. (Jack)  NAVIAUX132017-03-26NAVIAUX Obituary
Frank  J.  NAVRATIL132020-06-13NAVRATIL Obituary
William  H. (Bill)  NEVILLE152018-11-25NEVILLE Obituary
Jack  R.  NICKEL242021-11-30NICKEL Obituary
Bruce  D.  NORDWALL62021-06-30NORDWALL Obituary
John  E. (Jack)  NOURIE142011-07-01NOURIE Obituary
Silas  O. (Si)  NUNN52014-07-24NUNN Obituary
Roland  R. (Ron)  OBENLAND231968-05-18OBENLAND Shipmate (KIA)
Byron  J. (Bob)  OISTAD62019-04-24OISTAD Obituary
Robert  G. (Bob)  OLIVER42008-01-03OLIVER Obituary
David  L. (Dave)  OSBURN102010-05-11OSBURN Obituary
Jonathan  K. (Ollie)  OSGOOD122018-03-02No Obituary available
Everett  F. (Ev)  OVERMAN202013-05-07OVERMAN Obituary
John  A.  PAINE141996-08-02
Leslie  N. (Les)  PALMER121984-12-24Died on Duty
William  D. (Bill)  PALMER72022-01-14PALMER Obituary
Donald  W. (Don)  PARKER71964-04-23Died on Duty
Guy  C.  PARSONS131963-04-10PARSONS Obit (KIO)
John  R. (Johnny)  PATTEN62008-03-28PATTEN Obituary
John  N.  PECHAUER32016-02-02PECHAUER Obituary
Leo  J.  PECK212015-10-01PECK Obituary
Donald  T. (Don)  PETERS192022-02-15PETERS Obituary
Gerald  L. (Jerry)  PETERSON62016-08-03PETERSON Obituary
Robert  A. (Bob)  PETITT42006-05-25Shipmate Coming
William  E. (Bill)  PHERIS22003-06-02PHERIS Obituary
Jack  W. (Jack)  PHILLIPS131967-10-14PHILLIPS Obit (KIA)
Ragan  T. (Reg)  PHILLIPS82020-03-26PHILLIPS Obituary
Lawrence  C. (Larry)  PIZINGER22021-10-09PIZINGER Obituary
Preston  G.  POLLOCK21991-11-26
William  T. (Bill)  POSEY112014-05-02POSEY Information
Cecil  W. (Cec)  POWELL152011-08-01POWELL Obituary
William  E. (Bill)  POWELL202019-02-03POWELL Obituary
Philip  H. (Phil)  POWERS202012-11-07POWERS Marker
Howard  W. (Howie)  POXON202021-10-16POXON Obituary
Robert  L. (Prendy)  PRENDERGAST202007-04-27PRENDERGAST Obituary
Robert  L. (Bob)  PRESTON152010-12-15PRESTON Obituary
E. Grant  G. (Grant)  REES192021-01-24REES Obituary
James  D. (Jim)  REGAN42013-05-01Shipmate Coming
James  G. (Guy)  REYNOLDS212010-03-29REYNOLDS Obituary
Philip  W. (Phil)  REYNOLDS72014-08-07
Hugh  W. (Dusty)  RHODES232020-10-02RHODES Obituary
Arnold  A. (Arnie)  RICCI161995-08-06
Roy  J. (Joe)  RICE152021-10-01RICE Obituary
Matt  A.  ROBERTS12012-06-13ROBERTS Obituary
John  S. (Robbie)  ROBERTSON11992-05-29
Richard  E. (Robbie)  ROBINSON202016-04-17ROBINSON Obituary
John  G. R. (Rich)  RODDEY42018-02-11RODDEY Obituary
Frank  A.  ROESCHER42020-03-13ROESCHER Obituary
Louis  F. (Lou)  ROSSI31966-03-29ROSSI Shipmate (KIO)
John  M. (Jack)  ROURKE31981-09-11
James  B. (Jim)  RUCKER82019-09-21RUCKER Obituary
Richard  D. (Dick)  RUSSELL242000-07-15RUSSELL Obituary
Allen  R.  RUTH122016-04-30RUTH Obituary
Thomas  A. (Tom)  RYAN171961-05-16RYAN Obit (KIO)
Ramiro  (Romeo)  SAENZ62005-03-17SAENZ Obituary
John  W.  SAPP122018-12-04
John  J.  SAVEL222004-04-27SAVEL Obituary
Bruce  J.  SCHICK242015-05-03SCHICK Obituary
Peter  C. (Pete)  SCHON32021-04-10SCHON Obituary
Elmer  C. (Chuck)  SCHONEMAN121987-01-01
Philip  D. (Phil)  SCHULTZ91975-05-30
Robert  W. (Bob)  SCHULTZ182017-10-09SCHULTZ Obituary
Lawrence  S. (Larry)  SCOTT31985-08-01
David  F. (Dave)  SEARS242019-05-07SEARS Obituary
John  E. (Jack)  SEEBURGER171995-07-31
Delbert  C. (Del)  SETTLE151994-10-12
Donald  (Don)  SHELTON92020-05-26SHELTON Obituary
Prescott  N. (Scotty)  SHINN52005-06-27SHINN Shipmate
John  J. (Jack)  SHIRREFFS112016-02-21SHIRREFFS Obituary
David  K. (Sam)  SHIVERDECKER21971-08-23SHIVERDECKER Shipmate (KIO)
Andrew  R. (Rick)  SILVAY182021-12-08SILVAY Obituary
Dean  M.  SIMMONS101997-05-11
Winfield  W. (Wade)  SISSON201965-10-18SISSON Obit (KIA)
Luther  W. (Bill)  SKELTON161999-08-25SKELTON Obituary
Fenwick  R. (Fen)  SMALL192006-08-25SMALL Obituary
Badger  C. (Smitty)  SMITH191962-01-12SMITH Obit (KIO)
Gibson  P. (Gibby)  SMITH111994-02-09
James  A. (Jimmie)  SMITH91998-04-16Shipmate Coming
Rayburn  R. (Ross)  SMITH32009-06-01SMITH Obituary
William  T.  SMOOT141994-04-04
Norman  (Norm)  St. AMAND71965-05-02St. AMAND Obit (KIO)
Charles  T. (Chuck)  STAATS72000-08-12STAATS Obituary
Robin  L. (Bob)  STARCK122021-01-27STARCK Obituary
Daniel  P. (Pete)  STEPHENS91968-06-05STEPHENS Obit (KIO)
Michael  C. (Mike)  STEVENS62018-01-25STEVENS Obituary
David  H. (Dave)  STITZEL61999-01-30STITZEL Obituary
George  H. (Biff)  STROHSAHL242011-05-22STROHSAHL Obituary
David  D. (Dave)  SULLIVAN22014-08-18SULLIVAN Obituary
Lee  R.  TALBERT242004-10-08No Obituary available
Felix  E.  TEMPLETON52003-03-05TEMPLETON Obituary
Paul  A.  THORNTON181968-12-23Shipmate Coming (DAD)
James  F. (Jim)  TIDD132018-12-20TIDD Obituary
Bennett  E. (Ben)  TODD191985-05-14
Robert  J. (Bob)  TOUHEY32021-08-28TOUHEY Obituary
David  D. (Dave)  TROYER132019-10-24TROYER Obituary
Daniel  M. (Dan)  TRUAX62020-02-14TRUAX Obituary
Gale  N.  TURNER232012-12-23TURNER Obituary
John  W.  TURNER192002-01-12TURNER Obituary
George  L. (Larry)  TUZO141986-05-14
Truxton  (Trux)  UMSTED21967-10-30Shipmate Coming (DAD)
Andre  L. (Andy)  VANDEPUTTE122004-12-11VANDEPUTTE Obituary
John  S.  VAUGHAN222011-09-23VAUGHAN Obituary
Sidney  E. (Ed)  VEAZEY82018-09-07VEAZEY Obituary
Douglas  (Doug)  VOLGENAU82014-03-25VOLGENAU Obituary
Harry  C.  WALKER191993-05-27
Donald  J. H.  WALLACE131988-09-01
Quintin  L. (Quin)  WATERMAN52010-04-03WATERMAN Obituary
Waldemar  C. (Carl)  WEBER9Unk DOD
Raymond  B. (Buddy)  WELLBORN112018-10-23WELLBORN Obituary
Gerald  H. (Jerry)  WELSH232018-01-02WELSH Obituary
Richard  K. (Dick)  WESTFAHL102016-03-06WESTFAHL Obituary
Gary  F.  WHEATLEY32002-12-10WHEATLEY Obituary
Russell  E. (Russ)  WHIPPS142020-02-29WHIPPS Obituary
Verne  B. (Whitey)  WHITEHEAD222015-08-01WHITEHEAD Obituary
Willis  S. (Whit)  WHITTLESEY132017-10-02WHITTLESEY Obituary
Alvin  L. (Al)  WILDERMAN121973-11-30WILDERMAN Shipmate (KIO)
Douglas  D. (Doug)  WILLIAMS202003-03-31WILLIAMS Obituary
John  R.  WILLIAMS82021-01-23WILLIAMS Obituary
Robert  A. (Bob)  WILLIAMS162009-12-08
Richard  Y. (Dick)  WISENBAKER232011-08-02WISENBAKER Obituary
Charles  D. (Don)  WITT201967-05-24WITT Shipmate (KIA)
Roland  R. (Mack)  WOMMACK192018-05-22WOMMACK Obituary
Marshall  H. (Dixie)  WOOLDRIDGE191999-12-14WOOLDRIDGE Obituary
Grant  D.  WRIGHT122003-07-13WRIGHT Obituary
Robert  R. (Bob)  WRIGHT212022-03-24WRIGHT Obituary
William  J. (Will)  YAWORSKY152011-03-07
H. Bailey  B. (Yeag)  YEAGER121998-07-04Shipmate Coming
Frank  D.  YOUNG122020-01-17YOUNG Obituary
James  T. (Tom)  YOUNG82002-12-22Shipmate Coming
Thomas  C. (Tom)  ZACHARIAS192019-04-09ZACHARIAS Obituary
Richard  S. (Dick)  ZEMBRZUSKI11997-03-05
Known Deceased: 370
Total '59 database graduate entries: 796

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