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USNA Class of 1959 Classmates/Spouses/Widows: 

Select a Company or NG (non-grad) from the Bingo Board. The NG are only those who have No Known Company. The bulk of the non-grads is listed with the Company in alphabetical order after the graduates are listed.

Each Company contains all known, living or deceased, Graduates or Non-graduates who the Data Administrator has knowledge of the specific company. Note that all 1145 Classmates of the Class of '59 are in this database -- which is comprised of 1108 new classmates who entered the Academy and was joined by 37 others.

If you know of Any Classmates with missing information (eg, shown as living, but now deceased; or state and city residency missing) (grads || non-grads) or information that requires updating, please complete the Update Form.
Thank you!!