'59 15th Company

USNA Class of 1959 Classmates 15th Company
sorted by living Grad; deceased Grad; assumed living Non-Grad; known deceased Non-Grad
Company Rep: Paddy FORD   Alternate Rep: George Simmons
First MI (nick) LAST
After Reunion (10/2018)
Spouse (SO)  Widower 
Widow  Both Deceased
City & State
Last Known Residence
Living or DOD
Joseph  A. (Joe)  BRANTUAS  Joan San Diego, CA Living
Patrick  M. (Mike)  COMMONS  Janice (deceased)Sky Valley, GALiving
Joseph  P. P. (Paddy)  FORD  Mary Annapolis, MD Living
George  B.  GARTON  Mary Jane Canal Fulton, OH Living
James  H. (Jim)  HOLDS  Alice (deceased)Sarasota, FLLiving
Donald  D. (Don)  HOLMES  Judith (Judi) Phoenix, AZ Living
Charles  L. (Charlie)  HUGHES  Elizabeth Vero Beach, FL Living
Victor  C. (Vic)  KRUZIC  Pamela (Pam) (deceased)Ten Mile, TNLiving
Jack  W.  LOVELL   Falls Church, VALiving
Harold  E. (Hal)  SAXTON  Suk Yean Ridgefield, CT Living
Donald  W. (Don)  SEYKOWSKI  Sarah Pensacola, FL Living
George  T.  SIMMONS  Sally Baltimore, MD Living
Bradley  N. (Brad)  SMITH  Jackie Prescott, AZ Living
Michael  S. (Mike)  STURGES   Denver, COLiving
Charles  F. (Chuck)  TOMAJCZYK  Gretchen Sioux Falls, SD Living
Howard  E. (Howie)  WAINWRIGHT  Camilla Courtland, VA Living
Theodore  W. (Ted)  WU  Marilyn Great Falls, VA Living
William  L. (Bill)  ASSELL  Marlene (deceased)Champaign, IL2014-09-29
Jack  B.  AUSTIN  Sandy Orange Park, FL2013-12-26
William  H. (Peach)  BALLARD   1963-05-26
Patrick  J. (Pat)  BARRY   1996-02-03
William  H. (Bill)  EVERETT   Margot (deceased)Casper, WY2019-09-01
Michael  E. (Mike)  FITZGERALD   Ursula Paso Robles, CA2022-03-22
Edward  W. (Ed)  GIBBONS  Deborah Santa Barbara, CA2011-11-11
Martin  P. (Marty)  HANSON  Sally Becker Geneva, IL2017-05-07
John  H. (Jack)  HOEY  Shirley Santa Rosa, CA2011-05-31
Wayne  R.  HYATT  Carol , 1971-02-18
Harry  E. (Woodley)  LEWIS  Barbara Saunderstown, RI2018-09-26
Jack  (Jack)  LONDON   Jennifer (Jenn)Mclean, VA2021-01-18
Steven  W. (Steve)  McGANKA  Joyce (deceased)Buffalo, NY2010-04-26
William  H. (Bill)  NEVILLE   Cynthia San Clemente, CA2018-11-25
Cecil  W. (Cec)  POWELL  Sally Rio Rancho, NM2011-08-01
Robert  L. (Bob)  PRESTON  Linda , 2010-12-15
Roy  J. (Joe)  RICE   Eleanor Bloomington, IN2021-10-01
Delbert  C. (Del)  SETTLE  Gloria Capitola, CA1994-10-12
William  J. (Will)  YAWORSKY  Patricia (deceased), 2011-03-07

Charles  J.  BRADLEY ☆   , Living
Jay  H.  CLARK ☆   , Living
Robert  E.  MADDOX ★   , Living
Michael  C.  McCANN ☆   , Living
Paul  T.  BUDA ☆   2017-08-27
James  R. L.  GILSTRAP ★   2017-05-29
Michael  B.  LaGRUA ★   1994-11-05
Tommy  B.  McGEE ☆   1991-03-11
John  M.  VARCHO ☆   Anne Lee (deceased)Gillespie, IL2022-12-23
15th Company Graduate Classmates Living:  17   Deceased:  19    Total Grads: 36    Percent Graduate Living: 47%   
15th Company All Classmates Living (Grad | non-grad):   (17  |  4)    Deceased (Grad | Non-grad):   (19   |  5)   
Totals (Living | Deceased | All Classmates for 15th Company ):   (21  |  24  |  45)
☆1959 Non-Graduate Classmate   ★1959 Non-Graduate turned back or readmitted to subsequent class  
★★★Non-Graduate separated prior to Company assignments   ★★Continue to research for exact Company   ★★☆Non-Graduate turned back or readmitted to subsequent class and Contine research for exact Company   ☆Unknown Company-unlikely to resolve.
Classmates living: 605 -- Deceased: 540 -- Total: 1145
(All graduates and non-graduates)

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