'59 19th Company
USNA Class of 1959 Classmates 19th Company
sorted by living Grad; deceased Grad; assumed living Non-Grad; known deceased Non-Grad
Company Rep: Tom HASSLER   Alternate Rep: Fred March
First MI (nick) LAST
After Reunion (10/2018)
Spouse (SO)  Widower 
Widow  Both Deceased
City & State
Last Known Residence
Living or DOD
Jon  D.  BATCHELOR  Mae Haddonfield, NJ Living
David  A. (Dave)  DENISTON   Walnut Creek, CALiving
J. Ronald  R. (Ron)  DENNEY  Beverly Ocean City, NJ Living
Thomas  A. (Tom)  HASSLER  Ellen Williamsburg, VA Living
George  B.  HUNT   Campbell, CALiving
Joseph  (Joe)  KEELEY  Jane Newport Beach, CA Living
James  A. (Jim)  KELLY  Susan (Sue) Honolulu, HI Living
Frederick  W. (Fred)  MARCH  Julie Sierra Vista, AZ Living
Richard  A. (Dick)  RADECKI  Mary Fountain Valley, CA Living
James  E. (Jim)  RAMSEY   Kansas City, MOLiving
Peter  F. (Fred)  SHIELDS  Suzy Key Largo, FL Living
John  L. (Sully)  SULLIVAN  toObtain (deceased)Plymouth, MNLiving
James  R. (Jim)  WHEELER  Mollie (deceased)Joplin, MOLiving
Richard  F. (Dick)  WINTER  Gretchen Coffax, NC Living
Alexander  E. (Al)  ZUNTAG   Morrisville, PALiving
Frederick  C. (Fred)  ANDERSON   Rebecca (deceased)Warner Robins, GA2023-10-30
Ernest  J. (Ernie)  EHLERS  Joanne Gamba Annapolis, MD1969-04-03
William  J. (Bill)  HONADLE  Christine St. Petersburg, FL2016-05-03
Thomas  C. (Tom)  JARVIS  Laura Hawley-Jarvis Silver Spring, MD1996-09-05
Donald  L. (Don)  KATZ  Joyce (deceased)Silver Spring, MD2015-05-19
John  A.  LaFOND  Carole Oak Harbor, WA2007-11-18
Roger  L. (Pete)  LEVANDER  Norco, CA 2015-03-17
Albert  T. (Al)  MAYS  Eilean (deceased)Baltimore, MD2003-07-12
Charles  P. (Chuck)  MILLER  LuAnn (deceased)Leonardtown, MD2016-05-29
Harry  E. (Gene)  MORGAN  Rebecca (Becky)Lake Forest, CA2009-04-24
Donald  T. (Don)  PETERS   Catherine (Cass) (deceased)Wesley Chapel, FL2022-02-15
E. Grant  G. (Grant)  REES   Shirley (deceased)Logan, UT2021-01-24
Fenwick  R. (Fen)  SMALL  Janet Hendersonville, NC2006-08-25
Badger  C. (Smitty)  SMITH   1962-01-12
Bennett  E. (Ben)  TODD  Rebecca , 1985-05-14
John  W.  TURNER  Fran Appleton, WI2002-01-12
John  C.  VANCE   Susan Coram, MT2023-08-17
Harry  C.  WALKER  Dana Lee Wasserman (deceased)Newport News, VA1993-05-27
Roland  R. (Mack)  WOMMACK  Baltimore, MD 2018-05-22
Marshall  H. (Dixie)  WOOLDRIDGE   1999-12-14
Thomas  C. (Tom)  ZACHARIAS   Debi Deltona, FL2019-04-09

Thomas  R. (Tom)  GRADY ☆   , Living
Walter  C.  HENRY ☆   Greenville, SCLiving
George  W.  LYNTS ☆   Edgerton, WILiving
John  A. (Tony)  McFARLAND, Jr. ★  Judy Tucson, AZ Living
Donald  S.  MERRING ☆  Marcia Canisteo, NY Living
Joseph  R. (Joe)  TENNEY ★  Sherry Fullerton, CA Living
Russell  J.  ZALISK ☆   Lombard, ILLiving
Arthur  K. (Art)  EHLE, Jr. ☆   2017-02-13
Orrin  R.  GEETING, SR. ☆  Yoko Hasegawa Saginaw, MI2013-10-13
George  G.  GORMLEY ☆  Rosemarie Ardmore, PA2001-06-15
Jerry  E.  JENSEN ☆  Maudie Louise Oklahoma City, OK2015-07-25
Herbert  J.  SOLOMON, II ☆   1992-02-04
19th Company Graduate Classmates Living:  15   Deceased:  21    Total Grads: 36    Percent Graduate Living: 42%   
19th Company All Classmates Living (Grad | non-grad):   (15  |  7)    Deceased (Grad | Non-grad):   (21   |  5)   
Totals (Living | Deceased | All Classmates for 19th Company ):   (22  |  26  |  48)
☆1959 Non-Graduate Classmate   ★1959 Non-Graduate turned back or readmitted to subsequent class  
★★★Non-Graduate separated prior to Company assignments   ★★Continue to research for exact Company   ★★☆Non-Graduate turned back or readmitted to subsequent class and Contine research for exact Company   ☆Unknown Company-unlikely to resolve.
Classmates living: 541 -- Deceased: 604 -- Total: 1145
(All graduates and non-graduates)

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