'59 13th Company
USNA Class of 1959 Classmates 13th Company
sorted by living Grad; deceased Grad; assumed living Non-Grad; known deceased Non-Grad
Company Rep: Don SMITH   Alternate Rep: Jerry Loveless
First MI (nick) LAST
After Reunion (10/2018)
Spouse (SO)  Widower 
Widow  Both Deceased
City & State
Last Known Residence
Living or DOD
William  M. L. (Mike)  ASHER  Janet Elberta - Perdido Beach, AL Living
Thomas  R. (Tom)  CROMPTON  Patricia (Pat) (deceased)Pinecrest, FLLiving
William  E. (Bill)  DeIULIIS   Clearwater, FLLiving
David  A. (Dave)  DONOVAN  Nancy Virginia Beach, VA Living
David  E.  GREENE   Austin, TXLiving
Rudolph  B. (Rudy)  HAMLIN  Faye (deceased)Stearns, KYLiving
Milton  H. (Buzz)  HOEVER  Mary Claire Penn Valley, CA Living
Francis  P. (Frank)  HURLEY   Mobile, ALLiving
Richard  L. (Dick)  MARTIN  Anne Half Moon Bay, CA Living
Thomas  P. (Tom)  McREYNOLDS  Barbara Los Altos Hills, CA Living
Patrick  J. (Pat)  NELIS  Sidney (deceased)Reading, PALiving
Richard  J. (Moose)  PAGNILLO  Peggy Monterey, CA Living
David  N. (Dave)  ROGERS  Barbara Alexandria, VA Living
Allen  M. (Al)  SHINN  Angie Cambridge, MD Living
Donald  C. (Don)  SMITH  Brenda Lititz, PA Living
Donald  D. (Don)  THOMPSON  Choyce Atlanta, GA Living
George  M. (Skip)  YERKES  Judy New Hope, PA Living
Richard  L. (Dick)  BALDWIN   Sally Triangle, VA2018-11-05
Gary  L.  BARNUM  Marian (deceased)Fayetteville, PA2015-12-11
Vernon  C. (Vern)  BLOCH   Helen Malabar, FL2021-10-08
John  W.  BOGLE   Linda Kenner, LA2019-04-18
Thomas  H. (Tom)  BOND  Nancy San Diego, CA2007-11-19
John  W.  CHIDSEY   1990-01-07
Francis  R. (Frank)  DONOVAN  Martha (deceased)Vienna, VA2014-05-04
George  M.  ELLIOTT  Trennick Marvil (Trennie) (deceased)Lewes, DE2014-10-17
Larry  B.  FRANKLIN  Judy Louisville, KY2018-01-14
Jerry  M.  LOVELESS   Carole Las Vegas, NV2020-09-24
Donald  B.  MESSERSCHMIDT  Gail Tampa, FL1969-07-29
Jacques  C. (Jack)  NAVIAUX  Astrid (deceased)Rancho Palos Verdes, CA2017-03-26
Frank  J.  NAVRATIL   Monument, CO 2020-06-13
Guy  C.  PARSONS   1963-04-10
Jack  W. (Jack)  PHILLIPS  Georgia , 1967-10-14
James  F. (Jim)  TIDD   Sharon Kodak, TN2018-12-20
David  D. (Dave)  TROYER   Nelle Green Cove Springs, FL2019-10-24
Donald  J. H.  WALLACE  Shirley (Heidecker)Calabash, NC1988-09-01
Willis  S. (Whit)  WHITTLESEY  Judith (Judy)Holladay, UT2017-10-02

Farrald  G.  BELOTE, Jr. ☆   Kingwood, TXLiving
James  E.  DAVIS ☆   , Living
Raymond  V.  MILLER ☆   1991-10-23
Jeremiah  W. (Jed)  PEARSON, III ☆  Patricia San Juan Capistrano, CA2012-06-01
Thomas  E.  SKLENAR ☆  Saint Paul Park, MN 2002-03-11
13th Company Graduate Classmates Living:  17   Deceased:  19    Total Grads: 36    Percent Graduate Living: 47%   
13th Company All Classmates Living (Grad | non-grad):   (17  |  2)    Deceased (Grad | Non-grad):   (19   |  3)   
Totals (Living | Deceased | All Classmates for 13th Company ):   (19  |  22  |  41)
☆1959 Non-Graduate Classmate   ★1959 Non-Graduate turned back or readmitted to subsequent class  
★★★Non-Graduate separated prior to Company assignments   ★★Continue to research for exact Company   ★★☆Non-Graduate turned back or readmitted to subsequent class and Contine research for exact Company   ☆Unknown Company-unlikely to resolve.
Classmates living: 541 -- Deceased: 604 -- Total: 1145
(All graduates and non-graduates)

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