Webmaster's duties!
From wikipedia "A webmaster (from web and master), also called a web architect, web developer, site author, website administrator, or website coordinator is a person responsible for maintaining one or many websites. The duties of the webmaster may include: ensuring that the web servers, hardware and software are operating correctly, designing the website, generating and revising web pages, replying to user comments, and examining traffic through the site."

Additionally, "Webmasters may be generalists with HTML expertise <only>, CSS, and manage most or all aspects of web operations. Depending on the nature of the websites they manage, webmasters typically know scripting languages such as JavaScript, ColdFusion, .NET, PHP and Perl. They may also be required to know how to configure web servers such as Apache HTTP Server (Apache) or Internet Information Services (IIS) and be a server administrator." Easy to read comparison of Apache and IIS or which is best- worth reading if at all interested in where all the websites reside!  

Core responsibilities of the webmaster include the appearance and setting up website navigation, content placement and may include security configuration and management of access rights of different users of the website. Webmaster's may also perform content development (although, not a usual duty).  Addtionally, some webmasters (smaller sites) are also the Data Base administrators. Administration may include establishing the database and using the CRUD concept to maintain the database over time.

Web Support for the Class of '59

For the purposes of the USNA '59 website, Pete Stout is the Data Administrator & Content Manager and Elaine Stout is the Web Architect handling the technical duties. Most of the work is summarized here.

The ultimate goal for the '59 website is to deploy the three-tiered web operations model such as deployed via LAMP to allow each classmate /spouse or widow the ability to update contact information and access demographic class information in a secure environment.

Please email the Data Administrator, Pete Stout, if you have any questions, ideas or concerns.