Web duties parsed...

Web duties are parsed among the web server providers (Rackspace (RS) and Total Choice Hosting (TCH)) and Pete and Elaine Stout. The following table shows the work involved and who does what. The table does not convey the level of detail or time expended in each area.

Webmaster and Web Administrator Duties
Web work area for '59 site
(gold: software used)
(blue: technical environment)
RS & TCH | Pete | Elaine
Web server operations Rackspace & Total Choice Hosting (TCH)
Web server hardware/software maintenance Total Choice Hosting
Website Design Elaine
Generate and revise web pages Elaine
Reply to user comments and questions PeteĀ 
Examine web traffic Pete/Elaine
Navigation and appearance Pete/Elaine
Data Base Design and Maintenance Elaine
Markup and styling tools used in USNA '59 site(s)
HTML - Webmaster general Elaine
Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) Elaine
Languages (USNA '59 site in gold)
JavaScript (client-side) Elaine
.NET Elaine
PHP (server-side) (Stout server: version: 5.5.18) Elaine
Perl Elaine
MySQL (database) (Stout server: version: 5.6.17-log) Elaine
Development servers - Stout test enviroment
Apache HTTP web server (2.4.9) Elaine
IISĀ (Internet Information Server/Services-Microsoft) Elaine
Production server(s) - Total Choice Hosting environment
Apache HTTP web server (2.2.3) (using now) Total Choice Hosting
c-Panel  (studying for Stout db load) Total Choice Hosting
PHP (server-side) (TCH version 7.4.14)  (using now) TCH / Elaine
MySQL (7.4 is the default) under study for loading Stout db) TCH / Elaine
Security (management of access rights for different users)
Setup access rights Elaine
Administer access rights Pete
Content Management System (CMS)
Establish CMS Elaine
Execute and use CMS Pete
Content creation Pete
Content Placement Pete/Elaine
Technical software used in USNA '59 website
Technical environment for USNA '59 website

Last update: 05/26/2020

Please email the Data Administrator, Pete Stout, if you have any questions, ideas or concerns.