'59 Classmates who retired from the Service

The following tables generate all known classmates, living or deceased, graduate or non-grad: Table 1: by Service; Table2: by retired Active or retired Reserve Officer; Table 3: by last military Rank; Table 4: All Military Retired '59ers. Table 5: Military Retired '59ers by Company.  Simply click selection desired (e.g., for Table 3 - CDR/LtCOL)

Table 3: Select by Rank
as of Monday, April 24, 2023
CDR / LtCol Total : 157
First & Middle & LAST
CDR CEC, USN (Ret.)Robert Midgley BOOTHL3174
CDR CEC, USN (Ret.)John Allen LaFONDCEC19186
CDR CEC, USN (Ret.)Roger Gene MARTINCEC21242
CDR CEC, USN (Ret.)Richard Yancey WISENBAKERCEC23126
CDR CHC, USN (Ret.)Victor Harold KRULAKCHCUnk333
CDR SC, USN (Ret.)Robert Charles ARMOURSC16174
CDR SC, USN (Ret.)Jacob NMN BOLTZSC21264
CDR SC, USN (Ret.)Peter Joseph SCHLECKSC10219
CDR SC, USN (Ret.)John Morse SHIELSSC12260
CDR SC, USNR (Ret.)Leo John PECKSC21277
CDR USN (Ret.)Lloyd Harlan ADAMSL23244
CDR USN (Ret.)Richard James ASAFAYLOL3223
CDR USN (Ret.)Gary Lee BARNUML13183
CDR USN (Ret.)John Allen BATTENBURGL7132
CDR USN (Ret.)William Henry BATTSL12240
CDR USN (Ret.)Robert Hewett BEASLEYL7164
CDR USN (Ret.)Allen Perry BOOTHEL11312
CDR USN (Ret.)George Andrew BOWLEYL8175
CDR USN (Ret.)Peter Robert BOZZOL17225
CDR USN (Ret.)George Edward BRAINERDL191
CDR USN (Ret.)John Clemons BRONSL21133
CDR USN (Ret.)Rowlett Henry BRUCEDNG10332
CDR USN (Ret.)Frederick Whitton CARTERL1166
CDR USN (Ret.)Alexander NMN CASTROL20227
CDR USN (Ret.)Kent Randolph CLARKL3156
CDR USN (Ret.)Wilton Raymond CLEMENTSL17304
CDR USN (Ret.)Patrick Michael COMMONSL15305
CDR USN (Ret.)Michael Bryant COOPERL1687
CDR USN (Ret.)Joseph Fleming DAVISL20315
CDR USN (Ret.)David Anthony DONOVANL13228
CDR USN (Ret.)Ronald Joseph DOYLEL14213
CDR USN (Ret.)Everett William EDGERTONL20122
CDR USN (Ret.)Grover Giles ERICKSENL5122
CDR USN (Ret.)William Robert EVANSDNG-607214
CDR USN (Ret.)James Frederick FEATHERSTONEL24198
CDR USN (Ret.)William Frank FERNOWL12247
CDR USN (Ret.)Tylor NMN FIELDL2247
CDR USN (Ret.)James Rendell FINLENL8229
CDR USN (Ret.)Eugene Edward FITZPATRICKL6267
CDR USN (Ret.)Jack Robert FLIKEIDL17135
CDR USN (Ret.)John Steinmetz GLAESERL12135
CDR USN (Ret.)Donald Prescott GRINNELLDNG-6123332
CDR USN (Ret.)Griffin Freeman HAMILTONL12242
CDR USN (Ret.)Rudolph Barry HAMLINSC13157
CDR USN (Ret.)Jonathan Jaben HARDINSC6306
CDR USN (Ret.)Joseph Clarence HENDERSONL18144
CDR USN (Ret.)Donald Mearns HERNONL14325
CDR USN (Ret.)Hanley Edward HEYDENL5259
CDR USN (Ret.)Wayne Albert Thompson HILDEBRANDL1898
CDR USN (Ret.)Donald DeVore HOLMESL15136
CDR USN (Ret.)Ben Ford HOLTL18195
CDR USN (Ret.)Granville John HOPKINSL11295
CDR USN (Ret.)Richard Foltin HUEBNERL10215
CDR USN (Ret.)Richard Webster HUNTERL23205
CDR USN (Ret.)Frank Alfred JONESDNG-61Unk333
CDR USN (Ret.)Joseph NMN KEELEYL19178
CDR USN (Ret.)William Harvey KELLYL16137
CDR USN (Ret.)John Denison LAFERTYL9170
CDR USN (Ret.)Kent "A" LinkL23150
CDR USN (Ret.)Wallis "M" LOGANL8273
CDR USN (Ret.)Byron Noble MACFARLANEL8329
CDR USN (Ret.)John Michael MACHESKYSC23273
CDR USN (Ret.)Frederick William MARCHSC19170
CDR USN (Ret.)Timothy Haigh MARVINL16249
CDR USN (Ret.)James Porter MATHEWSDNGUnk333
CDR USN (Ret.)Michael Damon MAYNARDL7101
CDR USN (Ret.)Jerry Charles McMURRYL1321
CDR USN (Ret.)Francis Marion MEREDITHL11315
CDR USN (Ret.)Arthur NMN MERZL22234
CDR USN (Ret.)Charles Perry MILLERL19326
CDR USN (Ret.)William Ivon MILWEEL1781
CDR USN (Ret.)Karl Albert MOELLMERL20131
CDR USN (Ret.)Henry Anthony MorganL4179
CDR USN (Ret.)Van King NIELDL1171
CDR USN (Ret.)Allan Alfred OVROML22102
CDR USN (Ret.)Lawrence Flanders PERMENTERL9287
CDR USN (Ret.)Lawrence Clifton PIZINGERL2140
CDR USN (Ret.)Richard Anthony RADECKIL19251
CDR USN (Ret.)Edward Arthur RANSOMDNG-6024333
CDR USN (Ret.)Donald James RAUNIGL9300
CDR USN (Ret.)Herbert Bailey RICHTERL23236
CDR USN (Ret.)Robert Allen RIDDELLL16103
CDR USN (Ret.)James Brenan RUCKERL8161
CDR USN (Ret.)Alfred Joseph SANTOSL7284
CDR USN (Ret.)Bruce John SCHICKL24171
CDR USN (Ret.)David Freeman SEARSL24105
CDR USN (Ret.)Donald Walter SEYKOWSKIL15146
CDR USN (Ret.)Furman Ladow SHEPPARDL20219
CDR USN (Ret.)James Sanford SHIPPDNG-608333
CDR USN (Ret.)Samuel Wilson SIGMUNDL11278
CDR USN (Ret.)Gary Thomas SMITHL21172
CDR USN (Ret.)Charles Tolbert STAATSSC7199
CDR USN (Ret.)Robin Lee STARCKL12106
CDR USN (Ret.)Hubert John STRACHWITZL5206
CDR USN (Ret.)Peter Thorvald TARPGAARDL17316
CDR USN (Ret.)Hollie Joseph TIEDEMANNL6173
CDR USN (Ret.)Charles Francis TOMAJCZYKL15188
CDR USN (Ret.)Frederick Faber TOUCHSTONEL11280
CDR USN (Ret.)Ralph Edward TUGGLEL1309
CDR USN (Ret.)Toby Gene WARSONL16151
CDR USN (Ret.)Richard Karl WESTFAHLL10320
CDR USN (Ret.)James Raymond WHEELERL19257
CDR USN (Ret.)Russell Erwin WHIPPSL14194
CDR USN (Ret.)Alvin LaDon WILDERMANL12142
CDR USN (Ret.)Robert Allen WILLIAMSL16280
CDR USN (Ret.)James Paul WILSONL21281
CDR USN (Ret.)Walter Carl ZITZEWITZL24173
CDR USN (Ret.) ?David Drury SULLIVANL2285
CDR USNR (Ret.)Richard Stoughton DAVISL4176
CDR USNR (Ret.)William Carl DROTLEFFL2295
CDR USNR (Ret.)George Everett ERICKSONL7153
CDR USNR (Ret.)Patrick David JOYNTL11319
CDR USNR (Ret.)Frank Theodore LAZARCHICKL4272
CDR USNR (Ret.)James Russell LOWEL14158
CDR USNR (Ret.)Leigh Alexander McCLENDONDNG9333
CDR USNR (Ret.)Byron Julian OISTADL6193
CDR USNR (Ret.)Robert Lowell PRESTONCEC15159
CDR USNR (Ret.)Courtney Wilder STANTONL9126
CDR USNR (Ret.)Rodney George TOMLINSONL17107
CDR USNR (Ret.)Howard Evans WAINWRIGHTL15309
LTC USA (Ret.)Arnold Douglas AMOROSODNG12332
LTC USA (Ret.)Paul Francis KEEFEUSA3169
LtCol USAF (Ret.)Richard Robert CUDLIPPUSAF1228
LtCol USAF (Ret.)Robert Edward DAVISONUSAF11266
LtCol USAF (Ret.)Gaylen Bruce DOANEUSAF5148
LtCol USAF (Ret.)George Edward GIFFORDUSAF14201
LtCol USAF (Ret.)William Orgain HARRISUSAF2080
LtCol USAF (Ret.)Ronald Anthony HEARSTUSAF6230
LtCol USAF (Ret.)Thomas Francis KENNEDYUSAF2144
LtCol USAF (Ret.)Frank William LARSONUSAF14192
LtCol USAF (Ret.)Jerry Dean McDONALDUSAF2154
LtCol USAF (Ret.)Leon Dale MINARDUSAF4192
LtCol USAF (Ret.)Jack Rousseau NICKELUSAF24124
LtCol USAF (Ret.)Walter Lee OWENDNG24333
LtCol USAF (Ret.)Barry Ransom PACKARDUSAF9193
LtCol USAF (Ret.)John Ernest Carl PAEPCKEDNG-6017333
LtCol USAF (Ret.)William Terrell POSEYUSAF1182
LtCol USAF (Ret.)William Jarrett ROTHUSAF3146
LtCol USAF (Ret.)Phillip Ned SALYERUSAF8309
LtCol USAF (Ret.)Michael Carl STEVENSUSAF6141
LtCol USAF (Ret.)George Lawrence TUZOUSAF14302
LtCol USAF (Ret.)Frederick Stuart YEATTSUSAF8310
LtCol USMC (Ret.)LeRoy Arthur BICKLEYMC14246
LtCol USMC (Ret.)George Henry BRAMANMC12120
LtCol USMC (Ret.)Jimmy Lee BROWNMC1294
LtCol USMC (Ret.)Daniel Benjamin CHAPLAMC9265
LtCol USMC (Ret.)William Edward DeIULIISMC13266
LtCol USMC (Ret.)Leonard Lawrence ETCHOMC17267
LtCol USMC (Ret.)David John FRIEMC6268
LtCol USMC (Ret.)Richard Irwin HARRISDNG-603332
LtCol USMC (Ret.)Charles Leidig LYNCHDNG-6016333
LtCol USMC (Ret.)Wilbur Clifford McMINNMC589
LtCol USMC (Ret.)Fredrick Henry MENNINGMC16302
LtCol USMC (Ret.)Ramiro NMN SAENZMC6297
LtCol USMC (Ret.)John Michael VARCHODNG15333
LtCol USMC (Ret.)Robert Gene VOGTMC11194
CEC= Navy Civil Engineer Corps; CHC= Navy Chaplain Corps; DNG= Non-grad with Company; 99 = DNG withOUT Company assigned; DNG-XX= Non-grad who graduated in subsequent class (XX); JAGC=Judge Advocate General's Corps; L= Navy Line; MC= Navy Medical Corps; SC= Navy Supply Corps; USA= Army; USAF= Air Force; USMC= Marine Corps; USPHS= Public Health Service; FN= Foreign National (not included in CM count); LB#= '59 Lucky Bag page
Total classmates selected: 157
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Table 1: Select by Service
Air Force
Table 2: Retired Active or Retired Reserve Officer
Table 4: All Military Retired '59ers
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Table 5: Retired Military Retired '59ers by Company
All Retired Classmates by Company