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Reunion Committee - 55th Reunion

The following Classmates were the 55th Reunion Committee - the Reunion was September 18-21, 2014, and by most accounts was a solid success.   Thank you, Committee!

55th Reunion Committee Members
email & alt email*
Company Parties Primary Dave ROGERS 703-504-6928
Company Parties Backup Tom McREYNOLDS 650-941-3872
Correspondence Primary Charlie PEASE 703-549-4285
Data Primary Pete STOUT 302-703-6655 [Elaine]
Favors Primary Pete STOUT 302-703-6655 [Elaine]
Favors Backup Bill CLAUTICE 321-784-8478
Finances Primary Paddy FORD 410-263-3963
Finances Backup Dan TRUAX 443-808-8681
Football Tickets Primary Jack BRONS 717-464-2003
Football Tickets Backup Charlie DOBBS 410-507-2471(B)
Hotels Primary Hayden LEON 845-671-2594
Hotels Backup Griff HAMILTON 717-243-8636
Printing Primary Rick JOHNSON 434-361-1690
Registration Primary George SIMMONS 410-435-5406
Registration Backup Bob REIFSNYDER 410-208-1867
Religious Events Primary Dan TRUAX 443-808-8681
Religious Events Backup Bob BEATON 410-263-1869
Reunion Coord Primary Jay BAINBRIDGE 410-757-6805
Reunion Coord Backup Dolf LEKEBUSCH 410-465-2529
Sporting Events Primary Norm BEDNAREK 410-263-3904 (Linda)
Sporting Events Backup Bob REIFSNYDER 410-208-1867
Tailgate Primary Frank PIPKIN 410-841-6041
Tailgate Backup Ray LaVAN 540-786-2858 ??
Transportation Primary Walt SZCZYPINSKI 703-923-9740
Transportation Backup Ted ALEXANDER 703-847-6080
Yard Events Primary Rod TOMLINSON 410-626-0023
Yard Events Backup Bill GARRETT 410-263-2150
Classmate Count for the above is: 25
*If the Classmate has an Alternate eMail this is listed below Primary eMail
Last Update: 2/6/2014

Please email the current Data Administrator, Pete Stout, if you have any questions or corrections.