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Vietnam Wall - a few facts

A Fact Sheet summary of all who died during the Vietnam war and a list of the nine 1959's who died. There are links to the virtual Vietnam Wall and Wall of Faces for each 1959 Classmate.
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1959 Classmate with DOD and Company
Vietnam Wall Links Wall of Faces Links
William Lennington Brown
July 9,1965  3rd Company
Brown: Vietnam Wall Brown: Wall of Faces
Lawrence Dean Gosen
July 23, 1968  22nd Company
Gosen: Vietnam Wall Gosen: Wall of Faces
Gary Douglas Hopps
February 10, 1966  5th Company
Hopps: Vietnam Wall Hopps: Wall of Faces
Wayne Reuben Hyatt
February 18, 1971  15th Company
Hyatt: Vietnam Wall Hyatt: Wall of Faces
Glenn Raymond Morrison, Jr
October 26, 1966  21st Company
Morrison: Vietnam Wall Morrison: Wall of Faces
Roland Robert Obenland
May 18, 1968  23rd Company
Obenland: Vietnam Wall Obenland: Wall of Faces
Jack Warren Phillips
February 10, 1966  13th Company
Phillips: Vietnam Wall Phillips: Wall of Faces
Winfield Wade Sisson
February 10, 1966  20th Company
Sisson: Vietnam Wall Sisson: Wall of Faces
Charles Don Witt
February 10, 1966  20th Company
Witt: Vietnam Wall Witt: Wall of Faces

The Class of '59 has 40 members who died In Operations, In Action or of other circumstances while on active duty.
Of these 40, classmates, the above nine were killed in Vietnam.

Thank you to Ed Hill for forwarding this Vietnam Wall fact sheet to the Stouts.