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The Class of 1959 website --established in 1997 by David Sullivan -- was one of the very first the Naval Academy published.  The website was reprogramed to incorporate Responsive Web Design with all devices supported.

Additions or Updates 6/13/2024
Until services dates are cleared thru USNA, no dates for services are listed.
Within 45 days after DOD dates are received, entries are removed from this bubble.

Potomac Falls, VA -- Charles C.(Charlie) Pease (10th) DOD_2024-06-12

Wells, ME -- Louis S. (Lou) Cohen (21st) DOD_2024-06-11

Norfolk, VA -- William (Bill) B. McAree (23rd) Service_2024-06-28
Crystal Beach, TX -- Charles E. Cole (23rd) DOD_2024-05-25
Long Beach, CA -- William (Bill) E. Held (10th) DOD_2024-04-21
Kure Beach, NC -- Timothy H. Marvin (16th) Wilmington, NC_June 2024
Arlington, VA -- Dennis S. Read (10th) Arlington_Service_ 2024-09-26

***RSVP required. Check each classmate service information for specifics.
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