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'59 Class Social Events -Browser Selection
Select site for photos by your device (aka, PC or Apple device).

PCs using recent MS version - PC devices or

Recent Apple devices Apple Devices (examples MAC, iPad, iPhone)

Device Type Browsers and result
PC devices via browser All worked with Windows 10 except where noted: IE-11; IE-Edge; Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari-on-PC-failed**
Testing on Windows Vista with IE-9 failed** Other browsers were not availble to test on Windows Vista
Apple devices via browser iPad-Safari - worked , iPad-Edge - worked, Google Chrome - requires 11.0+, Firefox - requires iOS 11.4 , Opera - requires iOS 11.0 Works well with IOS 13.
Defined **Failed means photos show wrong orientation. A big problem with Apple devices since 2004 - one of the fixes (believe it or not) is to turn your iPad or iPhone upside down while taking photos