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'59 Class List of CM's graduated in 1960

The following represents the Class of 1959 with a List of 23 Classmates, living and deceased, who did not graduate in 1959, but did graduate in Class of 1960.   Class of 1959 DNGs admitted to subsequent classes - 1961, 1962, or full list All readmitted).

DNGs from Class of 1959 who Graduated in 1960
last update: 2021-09-21
Last Name First-Middle Nick L/D DOD 59 Co. 60 Co. LB#
BENSONJerome Edward  2013-12-3021st3rd332
BONIFAYIsaac FrancisBuck  2017-05-256th17th332
DURANPablo Esteban  1988-07-0321st21st332
EASONDavid George  2000-02-1914th1st332
EVANSWilliam RobertBill  2015-10-247th7th214
GARRITYJohn JosephJack   1st15th177
GILSTRAPJames Robert Latham  2017-05-2915thUnk332
HANSONRalph Edward  2015-04-025th7th332
HARRISRichard Irwin   3rd1st332
HARRISONWilliam Dayton  1993-02-2310th18th332
KOCHCharles Edward  Unknown DOD24th11th333
LYNCHCharles Leidig   16th16th333
MAGUDERHenry John  2012-10-0618th12th333
MOTTCarleton EdgarCarl   18th4th170
PAEPCKEJohn Ernest CarlJack   17th11th333
PAPAHenry WilliamHank   1st17th284
PEEKJoseph HenryJoe  2016-12-165th17th333
POLKJack Orrion   5th19th333
RAMSEYJames Burnley  2014-03-3112th12th333
RANSOMEdward Arthur  2014-01-0224th24th333
ROHRRobert Charles  Unknown DOD2nd22nd333
SHIPPJames SanfordJimmie  2000-04-208th11th333
TENNEYJoseph RicksJoe   19th19th333
All Did Not Graduate with 1959 shown above
Classmates living: 8 || Deceased Classmates: 15
Total '59 entries above: 23
Living DNG Classmates may be Lower than shown
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