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2021-03-21CompleteJohn Albert AHO DNG-2nd Unk date/time Melbourne, FL
2021-09-18CompleteArnold Douglas (Don) AMOROSO DNG-12th Private Service Charles Town, WV
2023-03-30CompleteLinda Lou ASAFAYLO 3rd 4/21/2023 11AM Shippensburg & Annville, PA
2021-04-09CompleteRoger Francis BACON 7th Unk date/time Arlington National Cemetery
2022-01-26CompleteEdward Bigelow (Ted) BAKER 8th 7/08/2022 1:00PM Grace Church & Arlington National Cemetery
2023-03-28CompleteWilliam BARKSDALE DNG-10th 4/3/2023 12p Woodstock, GA
2023-01-05CompleteArnold Robin (Robin) BATTAGLINI 17th 5/4/2023 12:45pm Arlington National Cemetery
2022-01-20CompleteJohn Allen (Jack) BATTENBURG 7th 4/01/2022 1030 USNA Columbarium
2019-11-22CompleteShirley Steele BILLINGS 6th 6/02/2021 2PM USNA Columbarium
2021-10-08CompleteVernon Charles BLOCH 13th Unk date/time Arlington National Cemetery
2023-07-08CompleteRobert LeRoy (Bob) BOVEY 18th 7/31/2023 11am Westminister Canterbury
2021-07-15CompleteHarry Joseph BROCK 18th 07/19/2021 Noon St. Mary's, PA
2023-01-07CompleteBruce Gary BROWN 8th 9/22/2023 USNA Cemetery
2022-02-22CompleteWilliam Stephen (Steve) BURGESS 1st Private Service Naples, FL
2022-08-02CompleteKnox Robert (Bob) BURNETT DNG-18th 9/18/2022 4p Atlanta, GA
2021-04-08CompleteCatherine Beale CANT 22nd 8/26/2021 1pm ET USNA Columbarium
2020-06-14CompleteWilliam Gunther CLAUTICE 3rd 7/26/2021 10am ET USNA Columbarium
2022-01-18CompleteIlse Frieda CLEMENTS 17th Unk date/time Arlington National Cemetery
2021-04-04CompletePatrcia (Pat) CROMPTON 13th 8/26/2021 1pm ET USNA Columbarium
2021-10-27CompleteMyrna Ann CUDLIPP 1st Unk date/time Richardon, TX
2022-10-21CompleteRobert Emil CURRIE 1st 11/6/2022 2pm PT Newport Beach, CA
2023-03-23CompletePaul Hendren DARBY 20th Unk date/time Huntingtown, MD
2021-03-17CompleteHugh Miller DAVIS 22nd Unk date/time Jacksonville, FL
2022-01-11CompleteRichard Stoughton (Dick) DAVIS 4th 6/16/2022 1pm ET St. John's - Beverly, MA
2022-10-14CompleteCharles Perry (Charlie) DOBBS 10th 12/15/2022 1030 USNA Columbarium
2019-12-19CompleteDavid Peter (Dave) DOELGER 3rd 9/27/2021 10am ET USNA Columbarium
2022-01-31CompleteMartha Dwyer Lyons DONOVAN 13th 5/16/2022 2pm ET Arlington National Cemetery
2021-04-17CompleteJoan Marie DOYLE 14th 5/7/2021 St Gregory Church, San Diego, CA
2022-03-24CompleteMargaret Agnes (Marge) DROZD 14th 3/31/2022 10:30am Morristown, NJ
2022-03-14CompleteRosalie Ann EKSTROM 9th 6/06/2022 11am ET Arlington National Cemetery
2023-02-28CompleteMargot McKnight EVERETT 15th 3/25/2023 2PM Tulsa, OK
2022-03-22CompleteMichael Edward (Mike) FITZGERALD 15th 4/04/2022 10am PT San Luis Obispo, CA
2022-03-17CompleteRoy Walter FORSBERG 3rd 3/23/2022 10am ET St Mary's Cemetery, Scituate, MA
2023-08-20ACTIVECharles Raymond (Charlie) FRAIME 21st Unk date/time Arlington National Cemetery
2022-07-10CompleteJames Richard (Jim) FUQUA 9th 7/22/2022 2pm Virginia Beach, VA
2022-07-17CompleteWilliam Christian (Big Gabe) GABRIELSEN 17th 8/11/2022 9:30am West Chester, PA
2021-03-10CompleteLynn Morgan (Skip) GANTT 22nd Unk date/time Charlotte, NC
2023-04-17CompleteDonald Prescott (Don) GRINNELL DNG-23rd 4/22/2023 11AM Burnsville, MN
2022-02-22CompleteMariane Oakes HARTMAN 20th 3/15/2022 11am PT Willamette National Cemetery, OR
2023-02-14CompleteRonald Anthony (Ron) HEARST 6th 6/9/2023 USNA Columbarium
2022-08-06CompleteJohn Milton HEIGES 17th 9/23/2022 11am Frederick, MD
2022-01-27CompleteAlice Eleanor HOLDS 15th 2/14/2022 9:30am Sarasota National Cemetery
2021-04-16CompleteFelix NMN JACKSON DNG-99 Private Service New Orleans, LA
2022-05-13CompleteRobert Lodge (Bob) JONES DNG-99 6/11/2022 11:00am Andrews Parish Church, Charleston, SC
2022-07-13CompleteEarl Forrest (Coco) JUNGHANS DNG-6th No service Menlo Park, CA
2023-07-21CompleteMatthew James (Matt) KELCH 1st No service No service
2021-07-24CompleteAnne Stone Harrington KILAND 6th 09/21/2021 PM Arlington National Cemetery
2022-08-08CompleteJoseph Francis (Joe) KING 23rd 8/19/2022 12:30am Springfield, VA
2021-05-05CompleteJohn Harold KNIEF 2nd Private Service Napa, CA
2022-12-18CompleteKenneth Francis (Ken) LaBARGE DNG-23rd Unk date/time Carmel, IN
2022-03-28CompleteRobert Lee (Bob) LARSON 3rd 7/14/2022 2pm ET USNA Columbarium
2022-01-25CompleteRobert NMN (Bob) LAZARCHICK DNG-21st 1/30/2022 11:00am West Reading, PA
2020-08-17CompleteStanley Wayne (Stan) LEGRO 3rd 11/22/2021 1030am ET USNA Columbarium
2021-01-18CompleteJ. Phillip (Jack) LONDON 15th 7/23/2021 Arlington National Cemetery
2022-04-18CompleteJames Russell (Jim) LOWE 14th 9/20/2022 time N/A USNA Columbarium
2021-04-05CompleteRose Tropea McAREE 23rd 4/29/2022 2pm ET Norfolk, VA
2021-07-01CompleteEugenia Campbell (Gina) McCALL 11th 7/19/2022 11amET Gainesville, FL
2021-04-22CompletePeter Thomas McCALL 11th 4/29/2021 3PM Gainesville, FL
2022-05-12CompleteRobert Carl ("Bud") McFARLANE 14th 8/2/2022 10:30am USNA Chapel & Cemetery
2020-08-12CompleteJoesph Joyce (Joe) McGLINCHEY 6th 12/01/2021 10am ET Arlington National Cemetery
2023-11-05ACTIVERobert Houston (Bob) McLEOD 18th 12/2/2023 1p Waterbury, VT
2022-06-20CompleteLuAnn Libert MILLER 19th 8/3/2022 2pm Arlington National Cemetery
2022-12-26CompleteL. Dale Dale MINARD 4th 3/25/2023 2PM Overland Park, KS
2022-08-25CompleteHoward Dudley (Joe) MITCHELL 1st 9/9/2022 11am Springfield, MA
2021-07-21CompleteJoNell (Nell) MONARCH 5th 6/17/2022 2pm ET Owensboro, KY
2023-06-06CompleteJohn William (Jace) MORROW 8th 6/30/2023 11a Danville, CA
2021-05-30CompleteWalter Boyd (Walt) MORROW DNG-99 6/04/2021 2pm Winchester, VA
2022-10-23CompleteJames Edmund (Jim) MURPHY 8th 10/28/2022 11a Centerville, MA
2021-11-30CompleteJack Rousseau NICKEL 24th 12/09/2021 1415 Houston National Cemetery
2022-01-01CompleteMarilyn NIELD 1st 5/31/2022 2PM ET USNA Columbarium
2021-06-30CompleteBruce David NORDWALL 6th 6/26/2023 1pm Arlington National Cemetery
2023-04-05CompleteRichard John NOREIKA 3rd 9/12/2023 USNA Columbarium
2022-10-01CompleteEdward Joseph (Ed) O'NEILL 18th 10/15/2022 Salt Lake City, UT
2022-04-04CompleteNella Maria ORTEGA 11th 4/8/2022 Noon ET Lauderdale Memorial Park Cemetery
2023-08-16CompleteMarvin Roy OSBURN 24th Unk date/time Unknown
2021-01-14CompleteWilliam Donald (Bill) PALMER 7th 5/11/2022 3pm ET Arlington National Cemetery
2022-04-18CompleteAdolph Edward PETERS DNG-5th 4/23/2022 9:30am St Luke's Lutheran, Freeland, PA
2022-02-15CompleteDonald Thomas PETERS 19th Unk date/time Ashes at Sea
2021-10-09CompleteLarry Clifton PIZINGER 2nd 12/03/2021 1230 MT National Memorial Cemetery, Phoenix, AZ
2021-10-16CompleteHoward Whitfield (Howie) POXON 20th Unk date/time USNA Columbarium
2022-10-11CompleteDonald Chester (Don) REED DNG-22nd 10/29/2022 1pm Lititz, PA
2020-02-17CompleteElbert Grant (Grant) REES 19th 1/30/2021 11am Logan, UT
2020-10-02CompleteHugh William (Dusty) RHODES 23rd 7/22/2021 10am ET USNA Columbarium
2021-10-01CompleteRoy Joe RICE 15th 10/09/2021 12pm Trinty Reformed, Bloomington, IN
2023-05-13CompleteHerbert Bailey (Herb) RICHTER 23rd Unk date/time Burial at Sea
2021-11-04CompleteLee Kent ROBINSON DNG-11th Unk date/time Doylestown, PA
2021-11-23CompleteCharlotte Rice ROESCHER 4th Unk date/time USNA Columbarium
2021-03-04CompleteJoni SCHNAUFFER 18th 4/13/2022 10:30am ET USNA Columbarium
2021-04-10CompletePeter Curtis SCHON 3rd 10/4/2021 2pm ET USNA Columbarium
2020-05-26CompleteDonald SHELTON 9th 4/06/2022 11am ET Arlington National Cemetery
2021-12-08CompleteAndrew Richard (Rick) SILVAY 18th 12/12/2021 2pm ET St. Augustine, FL
2023-09-26ACTIVEStephen Van Hekle (Steve) SNYDER 4th 11/21/2023 10:30a USNA Columbarium
2022-12-09CompleteJames Wood (Jim) SQUIRES DNG-3rd 12/17/2022 10am ET Pepperell, MA
2021-01-27CompleteRobin Lee STARCK 12th 8/6/2021 11:00am USNA Columbarium
2021-04-18CompleteBetty Darling SUTHERLAND 11th Unk date/time Raleigh, NC
2023-02-02CompleteHollie TIEDEMANN 6th 2/18/2023 Princess Anne Memorial Park
2023-02-19CompleteRodney George TOMLINSON 17th 5/4/2023 10:30AM USNA Main Chapel
2021-08-28CompleteRobert James TOUHEY 3rd 09/08/2021 1pm ET Culpeper National Cemetery, Culpeper, VA
2020-02-14CompleteDaniel Mack (Dan) TRUAX 6th 6/03/2021 10:30AM USNA Columbarium
2021-06-14CompleteSharon Jeanne UDEBROCK 14th 7/31/2021 1pm ET Huntington Woods / Berkley, MI
2023-08-17ACTIVEJohn Caldwell VANCE 19th awaiting info TBD
2021-03-13CompleteRobert Lee VARILEK DNG-99 Unk date/time Rapid City, SD
2023-02-01CompleteToby Gene WARSON 16th Unk date/time La Quinta, CA
2022-01-11CompleteJacqueline (Jackie) WESTFAHL 10th 5/02/2022 2pm ET USNA Columbarium
2020-02-29CompleteRussell Erwin (Russ) WHIPPS 14th 11/22/2021 2pm ET USNA Columbarium
2021-01-23CompleteJohn Reed WILLIAMS 8th Unk date/time El Cajon, CA
2022-12-25CompleteCharles Milton (Charlie) WILSON 24th Private Service Simsbury, CT
2023-10-17CompleteJoe Baker Wright 7th 8/17/2023 Austin, TX
2022-03-24CompleteRobert Richard (Bob) WRIGHT 21st 10/17/2022 1030 USNA Columbarium
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